WWE NXT – 03/09/10

10 Mar

by: Captain Oblivious

For the third week in a row I have to say that NXT is the most entertaining wrestling show out there. While RAW and SmackDown are in Wrestlemania overdrive little NXT chugs along and gives us quality wrestling and proving week after week that this show is more than a Daniel Bryan showcase. WWE has done a great job making sure the rookies get plenty of exposure even when they are not competing. I honestly could see 5 or 6 of these guys on either roster. And sooner rather than later. Results? Bang! Here you go!

1. R-Truth seizured his way to the ring with Otunga followed by Miz and Bryan. Miz said that Bryan was 0-2 and if Bryan lost tonight he would be kicked off the show.

2. R-Truth and David Otunga defeated Miz and Daniel Bryan. Mr. Dreamgirl pinned Miz so Bryan is still around.

3. Douchbag McCockburn….I mean Heath Slater cut a promo on Carlito spitting in his face last week.

4. Heath Slater defeated Carlito.

5. CM Punk told Darren Young that the way of Straightedge could help him. Young looked wary but I feel a bald headed Young and a new member to the congregation pretty soon.

6. Justin Gabriel (sans the fag angel outfit) defeated Wade Barrett

7. Chris Jericho attacked Matt Hardy and hit Gabriel with the Code Breaker and put the homesick angel in the Lion Tamer.

Captain’s Chair:

+ Excellent tag match to open the show. We probably saw the two NXT “winners” in the ring tonight. Otunga really impressed me.

+ Heath Slater looked really comfortable in the ring against Carlito.

+ Jericho and Barrett seem like they were custom fit for each other. I like their interaction in and out of the ring.

– We need more Punk on the show! He has been the least used pro so far.

– Although we got some Skip Sheffield on RAW (you owe me a Travis Tritt CD). We didn’t see him at all on NXT.

Rookie Scores:

1. David Otunga: A

– He really looked like a future superstar in the ring. I am not 100 percent sure about the “character” but I can’t deny that in the ring he brought it.

2. Daniel Bryan: A

– I don’t have to worry about what he does in the ring. He’s as close to natural as you will ever find. His feud with the Miz keeps getting better. And his punk out after the match was awesome!

3. Heath Slater: B

– I seriously hate this guy. His wooo, his hair flip, even his voice rubs me the wrong way. But I can’t fault him for that when he has a good singles match with a pro. I do think as a heel he would be universally hated and that is a good thing for him.

4. Justin Gabriel: B-

– He lost the horrible entrance attire thank God. He did not blow me away with his match but he was in no way bad. The 450 is still a thing of beauty.

5. Wade Barrett: B

– Not bad for a loss. He is exactly what the WWE looks for in a superstar. He is tall, strong and yet can move in the ring and sell well.

6. Darren Young: N/A

– No match for Young but I enjoyed his short backstage bit with Punk and his promo package.

7. Michael Tarver: N/A

– For some reason I get the feeling that Tarver is the weak link on this show.

8. Skip Sheffield: N/A

– No air time for the “cornfed meathead” but I did laugh at him on RAW. I should not like his character but he is stupid funny.


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