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2010 Movie Preview- The Losers

29 Jan

by: Captain Oblivious

Here is the first trailer for The Losers based on the DC/Vertigo comic series that ran from 2003-2006. It stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Idris Elba, Chris Evans and yes that is a Jason Patric sighting. I guarantee you that you will be wanting to see this movie after you watch this trailer. Check it out!


Random Wrestling Clips Of The Day- 01/29/10

29 Jan

by: Captain Oblivious

Let’s all stop for a five second pose and relive some classic Edge and Christian moments.

Random Wrestling Clips Of The Day 01/25/10

25 Jan

by: Captain Oblivious

No big intros. Today we are going to take a look at some clips of Abyss. Let’s all take a look at how crazy he is is. Yet also notice against A.J. Styles how he can work a match also.

Random Wrestling Clips Of The Day 01/21/10- Royal Rumble Rewind Theater

21 Jan

by: Captain Oblivious

It’s January so you know what that means. Royal Rumble time of course. The annual 30 man battle royal which officially starts the “road to Wrestlemania”. So gather the kids around the computer and make it a family fun time and take a look at some highlights from the past five Royal Rumbles. And by the way, what a quality shot they used for the 1996 Rumble with Diesel’s foot coming into contact so well with Owen’s hand. Great job guys.

Mass Effect 2 Videopalooza!

21 Jan

by: Captain Oblivious

In only a few short days Bioware will release their second chapter to the Mass Effect trilogy. And since the first game was at the top of my list for the game of the decade you can guess that I am more than a little excited. If you haven’t played Mass Effect yet go yourself a favor and pick up a copy. It’s only 20 bucks for crying out loud! Anyway I digress….watch some of the videos that are out right now prepping nerds like me for the January 26 release.

WWE The Music Vol. 10 Track Listing

20 Jan

by: Captain Oblivious

After a few duds in my eyes when it comes to superstar themed CD’s it looks like the WWE is back on track with the announcement of WWE: The Music Vol. 10. For me personally this looks loaded with 11 out of the 14 tracks being themes I actually would like to listen to. So far all the WWE has announced is that it will be available on January 28 on Amazon MP3 for only 3.99. There has been no word yet if a physical CD will be released. I hope there is. I like touching what I own. Giggidy. Here is the full track listing:

1. Legacy- It’s A New Day (Adelita’s Way)

2. Dolph Ziggler- I Am Perfection (Cage 9)

3. The Miz- I Came To Play (Downstrait)

4. Christian- Just Close Your Eyes (Story Of The Year)

5. Bret Hart- Return Of The Hitman

6. Sheamus- Written On My Face (Sean Jenness)

7. Tiffany- Insatiable

8. Ezekial Jackson- Domination

9. Evan Bourne- Born To Win (Mutiny Within)

10. Primo- Oh Puerto Rico

11. Zach Ryder- Radio

12. The Hart Dynasty- New Foundation

13. Bella Twins- You Can Look (Kim Sozzi)

14. Jeri-Show- Crank The Walls Down (Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster)

Take out the Bella’s, Tiffany’s and Primo’s theme and I say you have a near perfect release.

2010 Movie Preview- Green Zone

20 Jan

by: Captain Oblivious

For all of you that were a bit depressed when Matt Damon said that he would not do a fourth Jason Bourne flick if Paul Greengrass did not return to direct have no fear! Watch the preview for Green Zone (out March 12) and just pretend in your head that it is a Bourne movie. You got Matt Damon, Paul Greengrass, explosions, fighting, espionage, a blond woman with Damon (a la Julia Stiles) and the fact that the preview seems to give away most of the movie in a little over 2 minutes. No wonder they weren’t going to do another Bourne adventure, here it is!!