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It’s Time To Nut Up Or Shut Up……In 3-D!!!

25 Nov

by: Captain Oblivious


You knew it was bound to happen. After surprising everyone and grossing almost 75 million dollars a sequel for Zombieland is going to happen….but not for a couple of years. Director Ruben Fleisher recently has said that all the original cast (Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, and Emma Stone) are more than ready to jump back into the world of hilarious zombie killing.

And not just that but Fleisher has said that while he is not a big fan of the format but he wants his next installment to be in 3-D! He believes that doing it in 3-D will bring some new ideas to the zombie genre.


Imagine all the Woody Harrelson goodness in 3-D!



Maybe This Will Stop Family Guy’s Descent Into Sucky Television.

25 Nov

by: Captain Oblivious


This season of Family Guy has been one big disappointment to me. All the episodes have had good premises but the scripts have not been particularly funny. I believe Family Guy may have finally outlived it’s usefulness as far as being appointment TV anymore. Or maybe not…. This extended preview of the second episode in the Family Guy/Star Wars retelling actually looks like things may be getting back on track. Here’s hoping so because I am very quickly becoming bored with Family Guy when there are so many other great comedies on television right now.


Wanna See The New Freddy Krueger? (Only In Toy Form)

25 Nov

by: Captain Oblivious


Cant’ wait until 2010 to see Jackie Earle Haley’s take on classic horror icon Freddy? Then here is you a spoiler. has released the model for the Freddy Krueger figure to hit around the same time as the movie. I do like the look overall since he looks more like a realistic burn victim. If you don’t want to be spoiled then scroll no further!


The film opens April 30, 2010.



WWE Raw. The Good The Bad And The Ugly 11/24/09

24 Nov


by: Captain Oblivious

Raw went Nitro last night putting on a three hour broadcast. And while Tony Shiavone and Scott Hudson were not in house we were treated to a main event called by an announce team of old. Let’s take a look at a few of the highs and lows of this week’s episode from Hershey!


The Good:

-Jesse Ventura was great. I expected suited up ex-governor Jesse but got Jesse “The Body”. He was entertaining on the mic for the most part and still had a good back and forth with Vince.

-The overall idea of the Breakthrough Tournament. I still firmly believe that the WWE has an insider listening to conversations with my friends and I because after Survivor Series I remember saying that everyone is tired of the same people getting the title and having title matches. Good job here to inject a little something different into the otherwise stale title situation.

-Sheamus becoming the number one contender. I loved this move. And while I do believe Cena will no doubt retain at the TLC PPV I am excited to see a new challenger for the strap. Sheamus’ push has been fast…but it’s been done correctly.

-John Cena vs. CM Punk. While I may not be a Cena fan and did not like the outcome I will say that this match was very good. Punk is quickly becoming the #2 or 3 heel in the company second only to Jericho and Orton. This match didn’t hurt where Punk is at right now even with the loss. I will take a Punk loss to Cena to having him be stuck in a stale feud with R-Truth anyday.

-Shawn Michaels joking about his shoddy eyesight was hilarious. While the promo wasn’t laugh a minute I admit I lost it when he said he was aiming for Cena.

-The overall show. I was worried with the show being three hours that Raw would drag down a bit this week but it was a very entertaining show for the second week in a row.


The Bad:

-The participants in the Breakthrough Battle Royal. I understand trying to gt a good mix of Raw and Smackdown guys in the match but cmon. No ECW either. I would have had it  Kofi, Zach Ryder, Sheamus, Evan Bourne, R-Truth, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase and Randy Orton. I didn’t like Orton in the match originally but feel it was ok to further the Kofi feud especially with Kofi eliminating him. But really it could have had better entrants.

-The Pilgrims vs. The Indians Divas Match. Ahh another holiday another useless gimmick diva match. Don’t believe me? I bet you there is a Santa’s Little Helper match next month for Christmas. Bet me!

-Randy Orton beating Evan Bourne. I know they wanted Randy to be in the match but they could have done it with somebody else. I feel Bourne should have been in the battle royal, not Orton’s 2 minute squash to get there.


The Ugly:

-Jesse Ventura’s attempt at hair again. Man that was bad….real bad. It looks like he’s been following Hulk Hogan around and picking the falling blonde strands and pasting them on his head.

Vickie Guererro. Wow for once Alicia Fox wasn’t the worst looking woman on the show! I guess that’s a win for E.T.


Fantasy Casting- Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

23 Nov

by: Captain Oblivious


With news breaking today that the planned Uncharted film, based on the bestselling Playstation game, has officially hired screen writers I figured this is as good a time as any to fantasy cast the movie. And while I pray that the script is a good one I am going to assume that they will be using the first game as a basis. To write a new story for a game that has a better script than 90% of Hollywood action/adventure movies would be a fool’s errand. For those unfamiliar Uncharted follows the adventure of Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter who also happens to be a descendant of Sir Francis Drake. The first game leads him on an adventure using clues from Sir Francis to find the lost city of El Dorado. As a huge fan of both games in the series I can only hope that the movie will do it justice….but I still prepare for disappointment. But anyways here is who I would love to see bring Uncharted to life.


Nathan Drake




Nathan is cocky…but not too cocky. Never one to think too far ahead or have a plan ready he plays every bit of luck he has off as being that good but still realizes that everyone around him knows it is luck. The person that plays Drake is going to have to be able to pull off fake confidence in sickening amounts while also being incredibly sarcastic while not being an ass. I have only two people in mind for this. I would not mind Nathon Fillion from Firefly playing Drake. He has the tools to pull off the part but there is someone that could pull off Nathan Drake in his sleep like the part was written for him in the first place. So I’m going to go with Chris Pine.





Bang! Casting done! He is Nathan Drake there is no way around that.







Elena is the yin to Nathan’s yang. She’s got to be tough, smart and willing to curb Nate from doing anything ‘overly” stupid. But yet if they are in a tight spot has to be surprising with her own decisions to get them out of trouble. Someone that could be mistaken for eye candy before she shoots you where you stand. I’m sure many would go to the likes of Scarlett Johanssen or Jessica Biel but I am actually going to world of television for this one. And this may just because of my biased (or obsession I can’t tell the difference yet) but I am going to go with Kaley Cuoco.












Victor “Sully” Sullivan has to be many things in this movie. Father figure, comedic relief, possible traitor just to name a few. I have read a few places that wanted J.K. Simmons for the part. While I did like him as J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-man flicks I’m not sold on him as Sully. I do however have someone in mind. The man that is on a fast moving train to awesomeness…..Liam Neeson.







Atoq Navarro





This is the easiest bit of casting for me. Navarro is ruthless. Starting as a subordinate to Gabriel Roman but eventually coming to the front as the main big bad in this story you’ve got to have someone that can look and sound and act like he does not care about anything but getting his goal. He is willing to kill, torture, double cross anyone to find El Dorado. I say this is the easiest casting because i believe Navarro’s character was based off of this actor and I think you will agree. So I am going to cast Willem Dafoe.







-So what do you think? Anyone you’d like to see cast? Let us know what you think!!


Survivor Series Results….or The Best Sweet Chin Music Since Booker T

23 Nov

by: Captain Oblivious


Last night was the 23rd Survivor Series. And while many see the Royal Rumble as the start of the road to Wrestlemania I tend to think that actually the groundwork begins to get laid with Survivor Series. And with TNA putting on what many are calling the match of the year at Turning Point this month could the WWE keep pace with their two triple threat main events….let’s find out!


1. Team Miz defeated Team Morrison when Sheamus pinned Morrison.

-This match surprised me that Team Miz won with a three man advantage. While I am not a fan of McIntyre I am glad that Sheamus had such a prominent role in the team win. Nothing really stood out making it a great match but it was entertaining.



2. Batista beat Rey Mysterio by doing what I’ve always wanted to do to Mysterio.

-They kept the match around 6 or 7 minutes which is good. Mysterio got enough offense in to make it believable but this was the correct call by the WWE. Even though the crowd is still popping for Batista he needs to keep beating up the competition to be taken seriously. And Batista’s new nose ring makes me wonder if he went to see New Moon this weekend.



3. Team Kofi defeated Team Orton when Kofi pinned Randy Orton.

– Wow…of course leave it to WWE to take my only 100% guarantee lock of a pick and piss on it. Survivor Series is Orton’s PPV. He doesn’t lose….until last night. This match was very entertaining with a few surprises. Mark Henry being eliminated so quickly. Punk and Kofi basically having a great 5 minute match and the finish. A very good classic SS match.



4. Undertaker defeated Big Show and Chris Jericho

– I am an Undertaker fan. Always have been always will be. But it pains me to see him with a title that could have 2 or 3 guys doing more with it. I wish Jericho would have won here to help elevate the title again but instead we will probably get a Taker/Batista feud to help get nose ring some heel heat. The match itself was very slow to get started but picked up in the last 5 or 6 minutes. Would have been two points higher with a Jericho win.



5. Team Mickie defeated Team I Bang Undertaker

– I can’t tell you alot about this match because i was too busy talking during it. I do know that Mickie and Melina were the survivors.



6. John Cena defeated HBK and HHH after Cena made a deal with Satan to blind everyone to the fact that he sucks.

-Ok this triple threat match was fun. From the ring of the bell when HBK superkicked HHH and Cena’s look on his face to the oh so bittersweet ending. I will say it again. WWE needs to avoid having HBK in title matches. Because the fans want him to win the title and your just setting them up for disappointment. Case in point last night. Yes Cena got booed…that’s normal but the fact they were half booing HHH when he would attack Shawn shows you how over Shawn still is. Cena did the normal no sell of a move (HBK’s elbow drop) then got all sex nuts and retard strong and magically used the Power of Greyskull to hit HBK with the AA onto HHH and pin The Game. What a finish! I’ve never ever seen that before!! Man those guys can book!!



Overall: 7/10


Twilight Fans Declare War On The Dark Knight

20 Nov

by: Captain Oblivious

Early predictions were putting the weekend tally for The Twilight Saga: New Moon at around 85 million bucks. Well they may need to go back and recalculate. The so called film took in 26.3 million dollars in last night midnight showings shattering The Dark Knight’s record set last year of 18.4 million. Also in danger is The Dark Knight’s single day record of 67.1 million dollars. While the film has a ways to go to break the three day weekend total of 158 million it will have the 14 year old emos, women with deluded thoughts of love, and friends who used to be men going back for multiple viewings. Only time will tell if I will be forced to become a hermit and never leave my house. Because the 4 Horsemen can’t be that far away.

“Bella I got a great idea. Let’s look aimlessly at each other then go piss on Heath Ledger’s grave”

“Totally Eddie. Even though your face is more jacked up than Owen Wilson after a bender. You sparkle in all the right places.”