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We Have A New Spider-Man….Possibly

30 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

Finally after a search that involved as many names as the search for Captain America it seems that Sony and director Marc Webb (no pun intended) have found their new wall crawler. Josh Hutcherson has been chosen out of a pool of talent that included Jamie Bell, Frank Dillane, Anton Yelchin and Percy Jackson himself Logan Lerman.

You may recognize him from Bridge to Teribithia, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Zathura and last year’s Circue de Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant. He has the right look especially if they are going with more of an Ultimate Spider-Man take in the new movie.

I don’t think that I am the only one glad that Spider-Man is getting the reboot here. Sam Raimi did a fine job with the first two (especially Spider-Man 2) and gave into studio pressure and loaded the third with so much junk that it wasn’t enjoyable. This is the best thing for the franchise right now. And I am excited to see how the character will take shape in this new story.


The Book Of Eli Review

30 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

Yes I have only just now seen The Book of Eli. I did not get a chance to see it during it’s theatrical run and I now regret that a lot. It is not a sprawling epic of a movie because it does not need to be. It is about a man and his journey to where faith leads him.

The Hughes Brothers sure know how to make a guy wait for their new movie. It has been almost nine years since their last film (the very excellent From Hell with Johnny Depp) and they have not seemed to miss a beat. The film moves along at a brisk pace and while the identity of the book in question is never a mystery the outcome when all and said and done still holds some surprise.

Denzel Washington plays Eli, a man wandering the barren wasteland of a post apocalyptic world with one mission, to head west. Nobody plays stoic better than Washington and it is for this reason that he excels in this film. But when he comes upon a group of bandits on the highway early in the picture you realize something….he’s the badass of badasses. The combat is violent and bloody but never crosses over into gore which I think is very important.

Besides his weapons and trusty IPod Eli also carries around a book. A very important book which he keeps wrapped up and has the key to on a necklace around his neck. Now I don’t believe I am giving anything away by saying that the book is indeed the Holy Bible but it is the use of the book that the story centers around. While Eli sees the book as the hope of all men there are some, or more importantly one, who would use it to gain power over this broken society.

That one would be Carnegie. Played with a slight gruff southern draw by Gary Oldman who may be the finest character actor of the last 20 years. He has gained control of a town by his knowledge of the locations of well spring water and uses that water to hold the town under his thumb. He is in search of the book Eli possesses so he can use it to become a modern day prophet so people will follow him and and use that to build new towns and extend his reach of power.

The Hughes Brothers know how to shoot a movie. It sounds weird to call a post apocalyptic movie beautiful but I have no problem calling it that. The desert is shot in muted colors so much so that in some scenes it almost appears to be black and white. While other movies (i.e. The Road) gave the world a soggy, dirty look the Hughes’ have almost given it a white sand look and almost feels clean looking.

The movie is not difficult to understand. Do not expect any massive seismic WTF moments in the plot. This is a straightforward tale that is a story of good versus evil. The faithful versus the corrupt. Paradise found versus paradise lost. The Hughes Brothers have crafted a movie that at it’s very essence parallels the book at the center of the story.

Score: 8.0/10

2010 Movie Preview- Paranormal Activity 2

30 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

When Paranormal Activity opened last year it did two things that people thought couldn’t happen. It garnered almost all of it’s attention from viral marketing and word of mouth from audiences and quite possibly put the death nail into the Saw coffin.

The movie which was made for under 20,000 dollars ended up grossing over 200 million worldwide so a sequel was all but assured. Hell five sequels are all but assured because like the Saw franchise these can be made on the cheap and will certainly pull a profit.

While I am really not sure what all they can add to the formula of the first one at least from the preview it appears to take place in a nice sized home with security cameras and that this couple has a small child…which I will admit was a nice touch to the preview.

Take a look.

Robin Williams Can’t Ask Any More Plainly Than This

29 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

Hell maybe it’s time to throw Robin Williams a bone. He has long wanted to be in a Batman movie and was twice shoved out. Now he is throwing his name out to director and friend Christopher Nolan for any role available in the third Batman outing. Williams had this to say in an interview with Empire Magazine.

“I would work with Chris again in a second, playing anyone in anything. I’d play The Riddler in the next Batman, although it would be hard to top Heath Ledger as the villain, and I’m a little hairy for tights.”

I’m using this article as an ad. Chris, call me, I’ll do anything. I could be a great character – or some weird little man in the background in Arkham Asylum.”

See….come on Chris give Robin something here….he’s willing to be a bit player even! He went on to talk about his previous encountrs with the Batman franchise.

“The Batman films have screwed me twice before” he explains. “Years ago they offered me The Joker and then gave it to Jack Nicholson, then they offered me The Riddler and gave it to Jim Carrey. I’d be like ‘OK, is this a real offer? If it is, then the answer’s yes. Don’t pump me again, motherf**kers’.”

While a lot of people will automatically shoot down Williams for any kind of major villain role I would suggest they go watch him in Nolan’s Insomnia and the very creepy One Hour Photo and see that he can and will play very disturbing roles that would fit well into Nolan’s vision of the Batman universe.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Trailer

29 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious




Sorry I am just sitting in stunned silence after watching the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. As Eclipse opens up tonight at midnight to fill theaters with it’s emo vampires and waste of Kristen Stewart I can take heart knowing that this will play tonight in front of Eclipse showing the pasty teens and vampire cougars how to truly adapt a book series.

Part 1 releases November 19 and Part 2 on July 15, 2011.

When This Blu Ray Hits October 26 Your Gonna See Some Serious S***

28 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

If you could see me now you would be ashamed….especially if you know me. A large man doing the nerd dance of a joy (which slightly resembles the pee pee dance) is not something that you would want to be around. But I can’t help myself mainly because the Back to the Future Trilogy finally has a release date on Blu Ray.

On October 26 Universal is releasing all three of Robert Zemeckis classic movies and unlike the Lord of the Rings trilogy Universal is not half assing this release like Warner. The films are being fully restored in high definition and the process has been overseen by Zemeckis the whole way for the 25th anniversary set and in addition to all the special features that were available on the previous DVD release you get almost two hours of new stuff including a new six part documentary with interviews with Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and more!

I am happy…..giddy even.

Here is the official spiel from Universal.

One of the Biggest Motion Picture Trilogies
Comes to
Blu-rayTM for the First Time Ever



Newly restored, Experience Back to the Future Like Never Before with More than Two Hours of New Bonus Features

Available Worldwide on Blu-ray & DVD October 26, 2010
from Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Universal City, California, June 28, 2010 – At 88 miles per hour, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd took millions of spellbound viewers on a high-flying voyage across the space-time continuum in a trio of wildly inventive tales that broke box-office records around the world.  To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Academy Award®-winning cinematic franchise that generated nearly one billion dollars worldwide, the Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy will debut on Blu-rayTM on October 26, 2010 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.  The 25th Anniversary Trilogy will also be available on DVD.

Now, for the first time ever, the past, present and future collide in eye-popping high definition for a time-traveling celebration featuring new 25th Anniversary restorations for perfect picture and the purest digital sound.  More than two hours of all new bonus features have been added, including an all-new, six-part retrospective documentary featuring never-before-seen interviews with the cast, crew and filmmakers, including Michael J. Fox, for the definitive Back to the Future experience.

On October 26, 1985, Marty McFly took the driver’s seat in Dr. Emmet Brown’s DeLorean and introduced audiences to Back to the Future, a journey that launched a new era of moviemaking magic and reinvented the adventure-comedy genre.  The film, which spent 11 weeks at #1 at the U.S. box office, boasts a legendary Hollywood pedigree that includes director Robert Zemeckis, executive producers Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy, producer and screenwriter Bob Gale and producer Neil Canton.  Accompanying Fox and Lloyd on their warp-speed tour of McFly family history are an array of stars including Lea Thompson (“Caroline in the City”), Crispin Glover (Hot Tub Time Machine), Thomas F. Wilson (“Big Love”), Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas), Billy Zane (Titanic), Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Mary Steenburgen (The Proposal) as well as 1980s musical icons Huey Lewis and ZZ Top.

BONUS FEATURES EXCLUSIVE TO Blu-rayTM: Unleash the power of your HDTV with perfect picture and the purest digital sound available.

  • U-CONTROL: Universal’s exclusive signature feature allows viewers to learn more about their favorite film without ever leaving the movie.
    • Setups & Payoffs: As you watch each of the three films, each “set up” showcases items in the scene that prepare you for a future plot point.  When you get to that moment in the film, the “payoff” is shown to complete the correlation.
    • Storyboard Comparison: Compare key scenes in the movie with the original storyboards.
    • Trivia Track: Get inside trivia and facts while you watch the movies.
  • BD-LIVETM: Access the BD-LiveTM Center through your Internet-connected player to get even more content, watch the latest trailers and more!
  • My Scenes: Bookmark your favorite scenes from the movies.
  • pocket BLU: USHE’s groundbreaking pocket BLU app uses iPhone®, iPod® touch, iPad®, Blackberry®, Android™, Windows and Macintosh computers and more to work seamlessly with a network-connected Blu-rayTM player and offers advanced features such as:
    • Advanced Remote Control: A sleek, elegant new way to operate your Blu-ray™ player. Users can navigate through menus, playback and BD-Live™ functions with ease.
    • Video Timeline: Users can easily bring up the video timeline, allowing them to instantly access any point in their favorite episode.
    • Mobile-To-Go: Users can unlock a selection of bonus content with their Blu-ray™ discs to save to their device or to stream from anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi network, enabling them to enjoy exclusive content on the go, anytime, anywhere.
    • Browse Titles: Users will have access to a complete list of pocket BLU™-enabled titles available and coming to Blu-ray™.  They can view free previews and see what additional content is available to unlock on their device.
    • Keyboard: Enter data into a Blu-ray™ player with your device’s easy and intuitive keyboard.
  • Archival Featurette Back to the Future Night: Hosted by Leslie Nielson, this original 30-minute special aired on NBC prior to the first television screening of the Back to the Future.


  • Tales from the Future: New six-part retrospective documentary featuring interviews with Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Director Robert Zemeckis, Producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton, plus Executive Producer Steven Spielberg.*
    • In the Beginning . . .: Delve into the genesis of the project, casting, re-casting, the DeLorean, sets and overall pre-production.
    • Time to Go: Production stories through the release of the first film.
    • Keeping Time: The score and the songs of the Back to the Future Trilogy
    • Time Flies: Learn more about how the sequel came about, the futuristic look, the special and visual effects, recreating 1955 and more.
    • Third Time’s the Charm: Learn about building a western town, Doc Brown’s love story, the casting of Mary Steenburgen, the train sequence and completing the Trilogy


    • The Test of Time: Back to the Future becomes a phenomenon!  President Reagan quotes the film, the Back to the Future ride opens at Universal Studios theme park and fans rebuild the iconic DeLorean.  The film’s cast and crew take a look back and discuss why these beloved movies live on.
  • The Physics of Back To The Future: A discussion with celebrity best-selling author and physicist Dr. Michio Kaku about the overall appreciation of the science in the Back to the Future Trilogy*
  • Nuclear Test Site Ending Storyboard Sequence: Storyboard sequence of the original proposed ending of the film.*
  • 16 Deleted Scenes
  • Michael J. Fox Q&A
  • Q&A Commentaries with Director Robert Zemeckis and Producer Bob Gale
  • Feature Commentaries with Producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton
  • Archival Featurettes
    • Making the Trilogy: Chapters One, Two & Three: Original 2002 DVD documentary that takes a look back in time.
    • The Making Of Back to the Future Part I, II & III:  Provides a vintage and historic first look at the making of all three films.
    • The Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy: a televised special hosted by Kirk Cameron addressing fans unanswered Back to the Future questions. 
  • Behind-the-Scenes
    • Outtakes
    • Original Makeup Tests
    • Production Design
    • Storyboarding
    • Designing the DeLorean
    • Designing Time Travel
    • Hoverboard Test
    • Designing Hill Valley
    • Designing the Campaign
  • Back to the Future: The Ride
  • Music Videos:
    • Huey Lewis and the News “Power of Love”
    • ZZ Top “DoubleBack”
  • Photo Galleries, Including Production Art, Additional Storyboards, Photographs, Marketing Materials and Character Portraits
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Great scott!!!

    First Pics From Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Trailer

    28 Jun

    by: Captain Oblivious

    If you are a Harry Potter fan then you know full well what today is. At 4PM (that is Pacific time… I need to get a map) we get the first full length trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

    Now as I sit here (supposedly working) not so patiently waiting to see what new footage I will see here are some new grabs from the preview for your viewing pleasure.