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A 3D Jar Jar? Sign Me Up!!!

29 Sep

by Captain Oblivious

I wonder if George Lucas knows he can’t take his money to hell with him (or heaven I can’t judge). Because he wants more of it like he needs it. Haven’t you gotten all you can out of me Lucas. Multiple VHS releases and the DVD set and Blu-Ray next year you think you can just squeeze me dry. I defended you for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and this is how you repay me?!

Ok now that I am off that soapbox on to the reason. Lucas will begin re-re(?)-releasing all six Star Wars films in 3D starting in 2012. Lucas said as much after seeing Avatar last year but now it looks about as close to official as it can get. He will release one episode a year so we have to pain through Episodes 1 and 2 until we get at least some quality in 2014. They will be post converted (obviously) but I’m think old Georgie boy will throw enough money at it that it will come out looking on the better end like Nightmare Before Christmas and not headache inducing like Clash of the Titans.


So Thaaaat’s What Happened To Han’s Cargo.

9 Sep

by Captain Oblivious

Well here is another age old question from the Star Wars universe answered. Why did Han Solo drop his cargo at the first sign of the Empire. Daniel Smith a student at the Digital Animation & Visual Effects School won the Best Animation Award at the Star Wars Fan Movie Championship for this short that has the feel of a real Han & Chewie adventure.

And what is the cargo you might ask? Just the most dangerous thing in the galaxy.

New Start Wars: The Old Republic Gameplay Footage

16 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

Here is a few minutes of new gameplay from yesterday’s E3 broadcast. I know Bioware’s been given the ok from EA to take as much time as they need but this wait is going to kill me! And if they announce Mass Effect 3 this week also I am not going to have anytime available in 2011 at all.

Star Wars Kinect Game….A Thin Line Between Awesome And Rail Shooter

15 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

Here is the footage shown at the Microsoft presser yesterday of the early in development Star Wars games for Kinect. While wielding a fake lightsaber does interest the 10 year old in me I can’t get over the fact how much of a rail adventure this looks like. But it isn’t coming out till next year so maybe LucasArts has some more tricks up it’s sleeve for this one.

(I can’t lie though doing a force push on the Kinect may be kind of fun.)

Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 2010 Trailer

15 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

Here it is. The trailer that I lost my nuts over just a few hours ago. The theme of this trailer is “hope”. There is so much awesome going on in this trailer that it is hard to describe you just have to watch it.

EA has no release date planned and they are not going to give us one, at least not now. They have given Bioware a blank check and an open time window to get the game good and done. With World of Warcraft leveling off in terms of paid subscribers EA think the time is good to strike.

As a fan of anything Bioware does I will readily fork over 15 bucks a month for this gem.

What Says Star Wars More Than The World Cup, David Beckham, Jay Baruschel and Daft Punk

7 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

I can’t decide if I like this ad or not. I may be leaning more towards the like column with the Jay Baruschel and Snoop sightings. In case you haven’t seen it here ya go. It is a cross advertisement for Adidas’ new Star Wars line of shoes as well as the World Cup. Cause if you can’t get people to like your sport on it’s own merit use a segue like Star Wars……or Jay Baruschel.

Anyone Wanna Loan Me 350 Bucks For A Yoda Figure?

3 Jun

by; Captain Oblivious

And with that statement no woman will ever take me seriously again. But c’mon look at this thing! Tell me that it would not look completely f’ing awesome anywhere in your house. Wanna know something even cooler? Check this out……

Yea….the lightsaber glows. Now I gotta go take a cold shower.

If you are in the generous mood to get me one or want to be greedy and get one for yourself they are available at Sideshowtoy.com.