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Captain’s Pick 3- October 2010

11 Oct


by Captain Oblivious


Welcome back to another thrilling edition of the Captain’s Pick 3. Ahh October is here bringing with it cool weather and a month filled with horror movies. Unless you live where I do and it happens to be October 11 and it is 93 degrees outside. Nature is a fickle mistress. Anyway let’s roll…..


3. Taco Bell

I told you the Pick 3 could be anything. Why Taco Bell you may ask? Well because as a person of limited fundage the bell of taco has kept food in my gullet on a regular basis for a long time. Now add in the 2 dollar combos and two new sauces (verde and fire roasted FYI) and Taco Bell is going to have a big October in my house….and colon.


2. Jackass 3D

Am I really that immature? I just put Taco Bell as my third most important thing in October so you tell me. Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn and the rest of the crew return to try and make me dry heave again only this time in the full wonder of the third dimension. HIGH FIVE!!


1. Fable 3

Ok I admit. I am a Peter Molyneux apologist. Does he over-promise on every game he has ever been involved in? Yes but that doesn’t mean that they are not fun, quality games. I put over 80 hours in Fable 2 and still did not complete all the side quests. It was one of my favorite games two years ago and I am super psyched about the third installment which has you building an army of followers to take over the throne of Albion. But when you do become ruler how will you rule? With a gentle heart or an iron fist? Hmmm can’t wait to see.


Captain’s Pick 3- September 2010

1 Sep

by Captain Oblivious

Welcome to a new post that I will be doing every month. I will pick three random things from the world of movies, games, sports and pop culture that should have your attention. Let us know what is on your radar this month also by commenting below and let the people know what will be occupying your time as fall rolls in.

3. Playstation Move

While Microsoft may have a few more months before unleashing their controller-less fat guy hating Kinect on the world Sony is ready to toss their hat into the motion sensing controller ring this month. Time will only tell if this will be a leap or a midget step beyond what the Wii offers now to the arm flailing video game crowd. Early reviews have been mostly favorable and while I do have a Move reserved I am thinking of holding off until more of the premier titles make their way onto Sony’s powerhouse like Socom or Killzone 3. But being the nerd that I am I will probably be playing Sports Champions by the end of the month.

2. Machete

Robert Rodriguez continues to be one of the few directors that listens to the fans. After Grindhouse came out over three years ago people kept talking about how awesome it would be to have a movie based on one of the faux movie trailers that were inserted between the features. And while I would have loved to see a Werewolf Women of the SS movie Rodriguez decided that he should craft a movie around Danny Trejo’s Machete character. The thing that surprised everyone was the cast that Rodriguez assembled including Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Steven Segal and Robert DeNiro. Get ready to swing down the intestine line (if that makes no sense, after seeing the movie, it will) on Labor Day weekend.

1. Football

You know I can always find some way to insert a picture of Tim Tebow somewhere. It has been seven long months but us sports fans have made it to that time of year where things seem a little brighter because football is back. Fantasy leagues, lazy Sunday afternoons and Saturday kickoffs are here people. Get excited!