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Captain’s Pick 3- October 2010

11 Oct


by Captain Oblivious


Welcome back to another thrilling edition of the Captain’s Pick 3. Ahh October is here bringing with it cool weather and a month filled with horror movies. Unless you live where I do and it happens to be October 11 and it is 93 degrees outside. Nature is a fickle mistress. Anyway let’s roll…..


3. Taco Bell

I told you the Pick 3 could be anything. Why Taco Bell you may ask? Well because as a person of limited fundage the bell of taco has kept food in my gullet on a regular basis for a long time. Now add in the 2 dollar combos and two new sauces (verde and fire roasted FYI) and Taco Bell is going to have a big October in my house….and colon.


2. Jackass 3D

Am I really that immature? I just put Taco Bell as my third most important thing in October so you tell me. Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn and the rest of the crew return to try and make me dry heave again only this time in the full wonder of the third dimension. HIGH FIVE!!


1. Fable 3

Ok I admit. I am a Peter Molyneux apologist. Does he over-promise on every game he has ever been involved in? Yes but that doesn’t mean that they are not fun, quality games. I put over 80 hours in Fable 2 and still did not complete all the side quests. It was one of my favorite games two years ago and I am super psyched about the third installment which has you building an army of followers to take over the throne of Albion. But when you do become ruler how will you rule? With a gentle heart or an iron fist? Hmmm can’t wait to see.


New Fable 3 Screenshots

17 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

I’m still waiting to see how this will use the Kinect…..hello? Mr. Molyneux? You there? I want to flail my body around like a short busser as I play my Fable.

Fable 3 E3 Trailer

15 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

Apparently Fable 3 is a revolution. At least that’s what the trailer tells us. But I am a sucker for Fable. I loved Fable 2. So I would be lying if I said I was not ready to play this. I am waiting to see how the Kinect will be utilized into the gameplay also.

Here the lovely video.

Here Is Your Fable 3 Collector’s Edition. Bask In It’s Glory

21 May

by: Captain Oblivious

Hooray for collector’s editions. The perfect reason to spend 80 bucks on useless stuff I will never use but will buy anyway. I mean come on who doesn’t want a set of playing cards from Fable? When will I play with them you may ask? Shut up that’s my business.

Inside you will get a set of playing cards with characters from the game on them, a coin known as the Guild Seal that comes with a good and evil side for whenever you want to Two-Face your way around Albion and access to new downloaded content that will expand the game right off the bat.

It’s 80 bucks. I hate being a nerd sometimes.