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Christopher Nolan Hard At Work On The Superman/Batman Front

24 Sep

by Captain Oblivious

A couple of notes to pass along on this otherwise boring Friday.

Christopher Nolan seems to be moving on from his summer blockbuster Inception and putting more focus on two huge projects. First up is the news that he has finally started on the screenplay for his third Batman outing which is due summer 2012.

The director had this to say about his next trip to Gotham:

“I don’t like to talk too much about things until I’m further along with them.  But I’m working on the script right now.  My brother Jonah has done a draft for the script and now I’m writing on it.  We have set a release date and as far as the film being officially greenlit, they haven’t told they don’t want to do it. So I’m hopeful.”

Next up is his “godfather” role in helping Warner get a new Superman movie out by the end of 2012 when the studio loses the rights to the character. David Goyer is already hard at work on the script which Nolan has already said he approves in the way it brings Superman into a “modern context”. He supposedly will be making his suggestion to Warner Bros. for a director in the next few weeks from a short list and my thoughts on them are this:

– Tony Scott (I like him but I don’t want Denzel as my new Superman)

– Johnathan Liebsman (probably a no-go since he’s already attached to Clash of the Titans 2: Clash Harder)

– Duncan Jones (I loved Moon and would wonder how he would handle an iconic character with a big budget)

– Zack Snyder (in a perfect world yes. A thousand times yes)

– Matt Reeves (I liked Cloverfield and Let Me In looks like it should be good. Could he handle the pressure?)


Robin Williams Can’t Ask Any More Plainly Than This

29 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

Hell maybe it’s time to throw Robin Williams a bone. He has long wanted to be in a Batman movie and was twice shoved out. Now he is throwing his name out to director and friend Christopher Nolan for any role available in the third Batman outing. Williams had this to say in an interview with Empire Magazine.

“I would work with Chris again in a second, playing anyone in anything. I’d play The Riddler in the next Batman, although it would be hard to top Heath Ledger as the villain, and I’m a little hairy for tights.”

I’m using this article as an ad. Chris, call me, I’ll do anything. I could be a great character – or some weird little man in the background in Arkham Asylum.”

See….come on Chris give Robin something here….he’s willing to be a bit player even! He went on to talk about his previous encountrs with the Batman franchise.

“The Batman films have screwed me twice before” he explains. “Years ago they offered me The Joker and then gave it to Jack Nicholson, then they offered me The Riddler and gave it to Jim Carrey. I’d be like ‘OK, is this a real offer? If it is, then the answer’s yes. Don’t pump me again, motherf**kers’.”

While a lot of people will automatically shoot down Williams for any kind of major villain role I would suggest they go watch him in Nolan’s Insomnia and the very creepy One Hour Photo and see that he can and will play very disturbing roles that would fit well into Nolan’s vision of the Batman universe.

Dark Knight To Return In 2012

1 May

by: Captain Oblivious

Warner Bros. announced today that the third installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise would be hitting theaters on July 20, 2012. Thank God. At least we get to see how Nolan wraps things up before the Mayan calender ends and we all die. Not all of us can be John Cusack and drive limos through collapsing interstates you know

Nolan is busy working on the script with his brother Jonah and I along with a lot of other people are assuming this will be his last go round in Gotham City. Now that we have a release date let all the speculation begin about plot and characters. I will go ahead and throw my two cents in and say that they should continue with the heavy gangster aspect built up in The Dark Knight and bring in Black Mask along with a returning Two-Face. But that is just one fat guy’s opinion.

And one final thing. With Batman 3 releasing in 2012 it looks like that summer may be the biggest in history. You have The Avengers and Madagascar 3 opening in May, Star Trek 2 in June and the rebooted Spider-Man flick and now Batman 3 in July. Ahhh to be a nerd. These are good times.