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A 3D Jar Jar? Sign Me Up!!!

29 Sep

by Captain Oblivious

I wonder if George Lucas knows he can’t take his money to hell with him (or heaven I can’t judge). Because he wants more of it like he needs it. Haven’t you gotten all you can out of me Lucas. Multiple VHS releases and the DVD set and Blu-Ray next year you think you can just squeeze me dry. I defended you for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and this is how you repay me?!

Ok now that I am off that soapbox on to the reason. Lucas will begin re-re(?)-releasing all six Star Wars films in 3D starting in 2012. Lucas said as much after seeing Avatar last year but now it looks about as close to official as it can get. He will release one episode a year so we have to pain through Episodes 1 and 2 until we get at least some quality in 2014. They will be post converted (obviously) but I’m think old Georgie boy will throw enough money at it that it will come out looking on the better end like Nightmare Before Christmas and not headache inducing like Clash of the Titans.


Marvel Makes First Mistake On The Thor/Captain America Front

14 Jul

by: Captain Oblivious

Post 3D conversion. The new “it” thing in Hollywood. But Hollywood has failed to realize that it sucks and people don’t like it. Clash of the Titans and The Last Airbender are the two most headache inducing examples.

Now Marvel has announced that their two tentpole movies next summer, Thor and Captain America, will undergo the process of switching to 3D after the filming is complete. Ugh. Come on Marvel. So far you’ve been batting a thousand and this is a biiiiig swing and miss. While it may help opening weekend totals if the movies end up being shi**ed up like Titans was it could hurt the overall gross. These are two of the most anticipated comic movies ever….just leave well enough alone.

Resident Evil: Afterlife Poster

1 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

Man I hope Milla Jovovich thanks God for the Resident Evil movies. What else has she done in the past six years besides three of them and some makeup commercials? Of course it doesn’t matter if she wins and Oscar I will still only remember her from The Fifth Element (Leeloo Dallas Multipass…..classic). Here is some postery goodness for the fourth movie in the Resident Evil franchise called Resident Evil: Afterlife.

And I am no scholar or anything but I think that really big red 3D on the poster means that I will be paying an extra three bucks to see this when it releases in September.

Ready For Caps Shield To Fly At You All Realistic and Stuff?

11 May

by: Captain Oblivious

I pray I can file this under the “will eventually be seen as a bad idea” folder.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige admitted he and his team had considered converting the superhero sequel (Iron Man 2) into 3-D after seeing the success of “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland.” Given the extensive demands of post-production on “Iron Man 2,” however, they concluded there simply wasn’t enough time.

With three Marvel movies in the works over the next two years, however, Feige hinted that 3-D may be in the cards for some or all of them.

“The team has been doing a lot of research into 3-D processes, and we’re looking at it on future films when we have the time,” he said. “We will be doing it at some point.”

“Thor” is already in production, meaning it would have to be converted into 3-D in post, but “First Avenger: Captain America” and “The Avengers” could potentially be filmed with 3-D cameras. The massive success of James Cameron’s “Avatar” has stirred a 3-D sensation in Hollywood that some compare to a gold rush and others worry might just be herd mentality.

Ok I liked Avatar in 3D. I didn’t love it but it was pretty to look at. It also took 4 years to shoot and make proper use of 3D technology. Stop waving the magic 3D wand at everything! I can’t tell you how many folks feel like they were cheated out of their 15 buck for Clash of the Titans and the sh***y 3D that was thrown in.

Does A 3D Freddy Interest You?

4 May

by: Captain Oblivious

After Freddy Krueger’s return to the box office netted 32.9 million dollars last week producer Brad Fuller is already talking sequel. And Freddy looks to join the 3D party that is sweeping (i.e. over saturating) Hollywood these days.

Says Brad Fuller:

“We think that 3D movies have to be designed and written as such. If Eric (Heisserer) and Wesley (Strick) came to us with a Nightmare sequel script that is for a 3D movie, we’d be fools not to make it. Using 3D for a Nightmare sequel has to work conceptually for us, though. I don’t want to shoehorn the story just so we can use 3D technology. I do really think this movie and the visual style would work well within a 3D environment, though, so you never know.”

With Jackie Earle Haley already signed up for two sequels I think this is in better shape than the now defunct Friday the 13th sequel.

Paging Dr. Gordon….Paging Dr. Gordon

26 Apr

Yea I know that isn’t a picture of Cary Elwes from Saw but I like to think of him in good roles. Anyway it was announced that the good Dr. Gordon would be returning for the seventh (and presumably final) entry in the Saw series.

I am still up in the air if I believe the people at Lionsgate that this will be the final installment. While Saw 6  did not perform up to expectations it still pulled in sizable profit over it’s budget. But even if this does not turn out to be the final endgame I will gladly go see it to see what has become of our footless wonder Dr. Gordon.

TNA Lockdown 2010 Results

19 Apr

by: Captain Oblivious

Talk about deja vu all over again. Last night the Lockdown pay per view had a WCW feel to it before it even started. Sean Waltman no showed the event (big surprise) and Douglas Williams was stuck in Europe unable to make it because of canceled flights due to the Icelandic volcano fallout. So he was stripped of his X title (WTF?). He’s been champion for three months and a natural disaster kept him from the show and he has his title taken away. Sounds like old school Bischoff to me. Here’s what went down after all that fun stuff.

1. RVD defeated James Storm in a Lethal Lockdown advantage match. I guess somebody had to pull double duty for the main event might as well continue the storyline with these two.

2. Homicide defeated Brian Kendrick and MMG in a Four Way Xscape Match. Since Douglas Williams is title-less due to a volcano Homicide earned his way into the triple threat match with this win.

3. Kevin Nash defeated Eric Young. Short match with Nash beating the hell out of Young. Nash will replace Waltman in the tag match with 3D. Ohhh I just figured Nash wanted to squash Young after giving him the rub by working with him.

4. Madison Raine and Velvet Sky defeated Angelina Love and Tara. Raine made the pin so she is now the Knockouts champ. That made nooooo sense. Of all the options for this match this was the least logical.

5. Kazarian defeated Homicide and Shannon Moore to win the X division title. If Kazarian was booked to win this match anyway the William’s stripping makes some sense but who knows.

6. Team 3D defeated Hall and Nash. Very short match in the ring but they brawled outside for a few minutes before getting in the the cage. Hall takes a 3D through a table for the finish.

7. Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson. By all accounts this was a match of the year candidate. Angle announced after the match he was going to take some time off and return to take back the TNA title.

8. A.J Styles defeated The Pope to retain the TNA title. Styles mostly worked Dinero’s injured leg. He reached through the cage and took a pen from a TNA cameraman and stabbed Pope in the eye then hit the Styles Clash for the 3 count.

9. Team Hogan defeated Team Flair. Abyss started the match apparently making a miraculous recovery from being hit by a car. Wow it took Stone Cold a year to do that. You know the deal when all members of both teams were in the ring the roof closed and weapons galore!! Hardy splashed Beer Money off of a ladder through a table on top of the cage. Hogan and Flair got involved and Bischoff showed his allegiance by giving Hogan some brass knuckles and Hogan bloodied Flair. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam on Desmond Wolfe for the win.

Let’s see if TNA can put on a good show tonight. This is their best chance with half of the RAW roster stuck in the UK.