Microsoft E3 2010 Press Conference Quick Hits

14 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops footage is shown. A helicopter flying level which looks pretty good and should have plenty of guys have flashbacks to “charlie in the trees”. Game releases November 9 and Microsoft has reached a deal with Activision ensuring that all DLC will be released on 360 first starting with Black Ops and running through 2012.

2. Hideo Kojima does the Kojima shuffle onto the stage (he really didn’t) and shows off new footage from Metal Gear Solid: Rising. Basically it is Raiden being a hard a** and slicing up folks with his blade including what looks to be a man sized Metal Gear type cyborg and removing it’s spinal cord and crushing it….not bad. Then some in game is shown of Raiden slowing down time to cut off individual limbs. Nooooow I want it.

3. Crytek is announced as a 360 exclusive partner and announces a game called Kingdoms. It’s like Spartacus: Blood and Sand but with more button mashing and less Lucy Lawless.

4. Cliffy B. comes out to the wonderful Gears of War soundtrack and shows off some in game of Gears 3. He has three people playing along side of him in co-op mode along with the story. Pretty sweet. The game looks amazing but there is no surprise there. Gears 3 releases April 2011.

5. Peter Molyneux comes out and announces that Fable 3 will release on October 26. Molyneux says the “It is everything you love about Fable and more”.

Well I love Fable so that’s good news. Thanks Pete.

6. ESPN announces that it will now offer it’s programming on Xbox Live to all Gold members. So if you have an Xbox with an internet connection but strangely no cable you can watch ESPN stuff. Or let’s say your too lazy to swap over to your cable and want to burn up your 360 watching stuff you could find on your computer or television. Yea…that is my try at putting the logistics of this in perspective.

7. Now we have reached the Kinect portion of the conference. You can make your way through the Xbox menus by using hand gestures or by voice activation which sounds cool until you start thinking about when you are with a buddy and the VA is on and you say Xbox in a sentence and your game boots up. Oh well futuristic technology comes with a price.

Actually no it doesn’t because Microsoft said not word one about the price of the Kinect. It will launch on November 4 with a launch of 15 games including the ones announced yesterday as well as a racing game called Joy Ride and a Biggest Loser game. Look if I want people screaming at me because I’m fat I will go out in public.

8. The redesigned Xbox 360 is “officially” announced but surprised everyone by saying that the console will be in stores by the end of the week. It will come with a 250 gb hard drive and built in wi-fi and will retail for 299 bucks.

Other news and notes:

– LucasArts announced they have reached an agreement to release a lightsaber combat game for the Kinect.

– A new Forza game will be released with Kinect support.

– The Dance Central game for Kinect will feature a soundtrack with Beastie Boys, Lady Gaga and No Doubt.


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