The Summer Of 2010 Is Saved….By The Karate Kid?!

13 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

Wow……just… The 2010 summer movie season will officially be known as the WTF year. With most movies underperforming and weekend box office receipts taking hits week after week it seems things have finally turned around thanks to….Jaden Smith? I’m as confused as I was in the summer of 2007 when Spider-man 3 sucked it up and Fantastic Four 2 was actually good.

The rebooted Karate Kid surprised everyone, including it’s releasing studio who said returns doubled what they expected, taking in a whopping 56 million dollars in it’s opening three days. With it’s budget hovering at around 40 million dollars this is already a certified hit and probably already has the execs in sequel talks.

The week’s other big opening, The A- Team, had to settle for second in the wake of Jackie Chan-o-mania. The movie based on the 80’s television show opened up to a solid but unspectacular 26 million dollars. With the next few weeks bringing two of the biggest movies of the year (Toy Story 3, Eclipse) it seems like A-Team will find that their plan of making back their 110 million dollar budget may not come together.

1. The Karate Kid- 56.0/ 56.0

2. The A-Team- 26.0/ 26.0

3. Shrek Forever After- 15.8/ 210.0

4. Get Him to the Greek- 10.1/ 36.5

5. Killers- 8.1/ 30.6

6. Prince of Persia- 6.6/ 72.3

7. Marmaduke- 6.0/ 22.2

8. Sex and the City 2- 5.5/ 84.7

9. Iron Man 2- 4.4/ 299.3

10. Splice- 2.8/ 13.0

Next week should be a good week with Toy Story 3 opening and Karate Kid holding some of their audience. Jonah Hex also opens but we all know it will be nothing but a sacrificial lamb to the altar of Woody and Buzz.


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