Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock Guitars Are Tired Of Playing It Safe

7 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

As a music game fan even I have to admit that Guitar Hero is getting a little long in the tooth. I liked Guitar Hero: Metallica fine enough but it in no way was shown the love that Harmonix put into The Beatles: Rock Band and their soon to be released Green Day: Rock Band. Guitar Hero 5’s setlist was so all over the place that I haven’t even bothered to get the game yet and with Rock Band 3 releasing this fall with a supposed keyboard peripheral Activision might want to get to work.

Enter Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. With which Activision seems to be going back to the heart of the game’s name Guitar Hero. They have signed Gene “they call me Dr. Moneywhore” Simmons to be your guide through a new quest mode in which you must save the world of rock. Think of it as Brutal Legend with less Jack Black and more My Chemical Romance.

Wait…..what? Yea it’s called Warriors of Rock but one of the first announced songs is by My Chemical Romance which don’t get me wrong is a pretty good band but not exactly in the Slayer territory.

So what else you got to catch my attention Activision?

Well that might help matters some.

Yep they went and finally…..FINALLY redesigned the controller to let you unleash your inner Mustaine. They have also fit all of the electronic parts into the fretboard and neck so you can swap out the guitar heads at any time.

The first design is the basic model that will be available in September when the game releases and the second is a Gamestop exclusive when you preorder the game.

So what do you think? Do the redesigned guitars help matters any when it comes to the new Guitar Hero?


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