Get Him To The Greek Review

7 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

To call Get Him to the Greek funny would be a gross understatement. It’s more of a perfect storm of comedy. All the players play their parts to near comedic perfection an the result is the funniest movie in years.

I know what you are thinking it can not be funnier than it’s predecessor Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Oh yes it can. I even consider it funnier than last year’s king of comedy The Hangover. For the first hour and a half this is one huge fu**ed up road trip with Jonah Hill’s character Aaron Green trying to corral rock legend Aldus Snow with hilarious results including a scene at a hotel room party which may be one of the funniest movie scenes of all time.

The movie is almost stolen by Sean Combs who seems to channel his inner record mogul self to play the head of Pinnacle Records who are putting on the tenth anniversary concert at the Greek Theater for Snow. Russell Brand brings back Snow to the screen in the way we all imagined him in Sarah Marshall, completely off the wagon and unhinged. He spouts drug induced philosophy that is either pure genius of self destructive abuse.

The movie has some great cameos by Kristen Bell, Meredith Vierra, Lars Ulrich and Tom Felton who does not get away without some Harry Potter ridicule. And it was also nice seeing Colm Meaney, better known to us Star Trek nerds as Chief Miles O’Brien, as Aldus’ drunk money grubbing father.

Some may not find the movie as funny as I did but everything about this movie hit the right chord with me. From Brand to Hill to Combs this was one damn funny movie.

And it leaves me wanting to try a Jeffrey.

Score: 8.75/10


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