WWE NXT Finale Results

2 Jun

by: Captain Oblivious

Well at least the WWE didn’t try to swerve us any. I kept thinking for weeks that they would have Wade Barrett be number one just to have David Otunga win in the finale but they stuck to their guns.

And surprise, surprise we are getting a second season of NXT…..starting next week! I will go through the new pairings in my next post. Makes season 1 look like Mad Men.

1. Wade Barrett defeated Justin Gabriel and David Otunga in a triple threat match. This match was elimination style with Gabriel hitting the 450 on Otunga but as he was going for the pin Barrett broke it up and pinned Otunga himself. Justin attempted another 450 on Barrett buy got a mid section full of British knees. Barrett rolled him up for the win.

2. The NXT pros voted for the first elimination of the night as Matt Striker asked the eliminated rookies who should win. Daniel Bryan said Barrett should win because Gabriel can’t talk and Otunga can’t wrestle. Michael Tarver said he should win. Sheffield said he didn’t care and the rest voted for Barrett.

3. The first pro poll eliminated Justin Gabriel leaving Otunga and Barrett as the final two.

4. Each rookie was given time to talk and Otunga said the only person Wade intimidates is his dentist. He said he should be in a triple threat match with Listerine and Aqua Fresh (I’ll give that promo a 6 out of 10)

Barrett said that Otunga had an amazing body but no idea how to use it. That the only reason everyone said he had “it” was because he had no qualities to pick out. They should add two letters to “it” and that is what he thinks of Otunga. (That my friends is a promo. 10 out of 10)

5. Before the final pros poll William Regal got into it with almost every pro. He said the only reason Otunga is here is because he married well but then changed his mind and said he has seen his wife so he didn’t marry that well (BURN!).

As the pros argued CM Punk said he has seen enough of everything on NXT and waved and left (God I love Punk).

6. The final pros poll was revealed and the winner of NXT Season 1 was Wade Barrett.

Captain’s Chair:

+ NXT finished strong with their two best episodes in a row. Entertaining almost the entire way through.

+ Wade Barrett should have won and WWE did the right thing by going with the obvious winner.

+ Barrett absolutely DESTROYED Otunga with his promo. This is why the NXT format works even if the show lost it’s way a little. 14 weeks ago no one knew who Wade Barrett was but now he is firmly in the WWE fan’s eyes.

+ The final segmnt with the pros arguing was really good. Regal with a mic is most of the time gold and Punk continues to build a legacy.


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