WWE NXT Results- 05/18/10

19 May

by: Captain Oblivious

1. The pros (minus R-Truth and Carlito) came and took a seat on stage and were asked by Matt Striker what they were looking for in the next WWE breakout star. Miz said they needed the “it” factor. Regal said the need to be able to adapt and possibly kiss a man’s naked ass on live television. Christian said something about having “it” like Miz and Regal said Christian hasn’t had “it” for a decade.

I believe since NXT started we have hard the term “it” or “it factor” exactly 942.35 times.

Matt Hardy said that they must be able to handle themselves in the locker room also. Like for example if your best friend bangs your woman. And Chris Jericho said he is looking for someone who he would pay money to see just like he knows everyone in the arena paid to come see him.

2. Wade Barrett defeated Darren Young. Jericho came to ringside with Barrett while Punk stayed on stage with the rest of the pros. These two didn’t click that well. It got a little rough in the middle. Young went to the top rope but got crotched by Barrett who lifted him up and hit his fireman’s carry finisher.

3. The pros gave their opinions on David Otunga and it was pretty much spot on. Miz said he had that charisma that WWE superstar needs. Punk said Otunga was going to hurt himself and that he kind of got here on a pass because of who he’s banging. Pretty much spot on.

4. Matt Striker was in the ring with Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan Danielson. He asked Tarver what he thought of last week’s decision to eliminate him. Tarver said that the WWE had no class for letting him go to his face (He apparently has never met Eric Bischoff). He said that he brought something different to this show and that the WWE was afraid of change.

Striker posed the same question to Bryan and this is when it got fun. Bryan said that he always heard of the politics in WWE. How Vinny Mac always had a hard on for big guys. How WWE likes to push guys that they create and not anyone that has already made a name for themselves. He said the pros knew how good he was and even though The Miz would never admit it deep down Miz knew that Bryan was better than him.

Miz said what had Bryan ever done in the WWE. Miz named off his accomplishments and Bryan said that if Miz was so great why doesn’t he come down and prove it. Striker tried to interject himself and Bryan said that one thing he was not going to miss was Striker always interrupting him (bang).

Daniel Bryan then turned to Michael Cole and said that week after week he had to listen to Cole berate him. He called Cole a parrot who had Vince in his ear telling him what to say. He came down and got in Cole’s face and pushed him and called him a poor man replacement for J.R. He slap Cole and took him to the ground. Striker and officials had to pull Bryan off as he yelled at Cole “I don’t have it?!”

5. Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater. Nothing really special out of either guy really. Gabriel won with his 450. After both rookies and pros shook hands. Awwww.

6. The pros poll was revealed and it looked like this:

1. Wade Barrett

2. David Otunga

3. Heath Slater

4. Justin Gabriel

5. Darren Young

Darren Young thanked all the fans for watching him the past few months and said he had respect for every pro on the show.

Cue copyright…..

Captain’s Chair:

+ The Bryan Danielson promo and attack on Michael Cole was the best part of the entire run of NXT so far. I was glad that he was allowed to speak on what everyone thinks.

+ I liked the idea of having the pros watching from the stage.

– I hated that Darren Young was sent packing. I would have sent Gabriel home because he is basically one big move and a whole lot of nothing else.


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