WWE NXT Results- 05/11/10

12 May

by: Captain Oblivious

Well the WWE certainly knows how to throw a wrench into people’s so called predictions. Last night’s NXT saw not one but three eliminations including one that shocked everyone.

1. The NXT rookies made their way to the ring and were greeted by Matt Striker. He said that the NXT rookies defeated four RAW superstars last night and they showed highlights.

He asked each rookie if they remembered last week when he asked them who they thought should be eliminated. He walked over to Michael Tarver and showed a replay of last week when Tarver said he should be eliminated. Striker said that WWE management said that they could not keep someone there that did not believe in themselves so Tarver was eliminated.

Striker then walked over to Daniel Bryan and showed a replay of him saying he should be eliminated as well. Striker said that as with Tarver, Bryan was also eliminated. Wow…there’s a swerve for you. Bryan shook Striker’s hand and made his way to the back.

Matt said that the other rookies should not be comfortable because there was still a pro’s poll later and another rookie would be eliminated.

2. Wade Barrett defeated Heath Slater. Both guys showed off in this match. Both were very crisp. Slater hit a dropkick and a couple of forearms but when he went to the top and lept at Barrett he was caught and Barrett hit him with his fireman’s carry slam for the win.

3. Matt Striker interviewed Michael Tarver who gave the sob story of sleeping in cars and not knowing how he will feed his family. Sounds to me like he needs a job (cough cough DiBiase).

4. Skip Sheffield defeated Darren Young. Wow. For two big guys this match was fun. Sheffield controlled most of it and hit Young with the over the shoulder boulder holder for the win. Rgal finally looked impressed with Sheffield.

5. Matt Striker interviewed Daniel Bryan and asked if his elimination was fair. Bryan said it was. That Daniel Bryan could not defeat rookies on NXT but there was this other guy that won titles all over the world and kicked people’s heads in. He said Daniel Bryan is gone but Bryan Danielson was still around. Bingo!

6. David Otunga defeated Justin Gabriel. The first two matched were entertaining but this one was kind of sloppy. Otunga won with his Ron Simmons spinebuster.

7. The pro’s poll was released and it looked like this:

1. Wade Barrett

2. David Otunga

3. Justin Gabriel

4. Heath Slater

5. Darren Young

6. Skip Sheffield

Matt Striker asked Skip Sheffield what he thought of being eliminated. Sheffield said that William Regal tried to teach him but he just would not listen. But he guaranteed everyone that this was not the last they had seen of Skip Sheffield.

Captain’s Chair:

+ Now we are getting to the meat of the show. Last night was good with just wrestling matches and eliminations. No juggling or soda drinking.

+ Although Daniel Bryan was eliminated his backstage interview and treating Bryan as a character and mentioning Bryan Danielson was gold. We will see him soon….perhaps on RAW on Monday.

+ The Young/ Sheffield match and the Slater/ Barrett match were both a step above what we are used to seeing on NXT.

– As much as WWE and a lot of folks are up on David Otunga to me he is kind of sloppy compared to the guys perceived below him.

– I knew Skip would be eliminated but I still liked him. He was showing his true power in the past few weeks and he is good in the ring for a big guy which WWE needs right now.

– I hate Michael Cole.


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