Monday Night Delight Preview- 05/10/10

10 May

by: Captain Oblivious

Is anyone else a little worried that RAW may suck tonight? I mean don’t get me wrong I am ready to see what they do to follow up on the Randy Orton/ Edge feud but besides that we get John Cena announcing what the stipulation with his match with Batista is. For some reason I keep thinking he will make it a triple threat match with Sheamus which would be idiotic from a logic standpoint but this is wrestling were talking about ok?

Tonight’s guest host will be Flava Flav which tells me that he will have way too much screen time and it will be baaaaaad. All this guy has in common with wrestling is being compared to Chris Benoit by Jimmy Kimmel at his Comedy Central roast.

Over on TNA tonight we got……huh. It’s not showing up on my Direct TV menu. Hold on let me see.

Nope not on TV Guide channel either. Was it pre-empted?

Oh wait I remember TNA gave up and went back to Thursdays. Perfect timing too guys. On a night where RAW will probably have one of their weakest shows of the year. Back in January I said that if TNA went running back to Thursday nights that they will never, ever be a viable rival to WWE. And I was right.

Whatever you want to call it. Second rate, minor leagues, WCW 2: Hall and Nash Boogaloo. I think Spike calls it TNA Thursdays.


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