WWE NXT Results- 05/04/10

5 May

by: Captain Oblivious

After a two week break I am back with results from last night’s NXT. While I have watched the past two NXT’s I haven’t put up any results or thoughts on the show because the show has gotten away from it’s initial premise. I fail to see how selling programs to fans or drinking soda and juggling has anything to do with being a WWE superstar. Unless you are grooming them to be Kane and teaching them to do the stupidest stuff that is completely out of character.

1. The show opened with the 8 rookies standing ringside and Matt Striker explaining the rules of the obstacle course they had to compete in. Whoever posted the fastest time would be given immunity for next week’s elimination and still be in the running to become America’s Next Top Wrestler. This sucks.

Daniel Bryan was first up and this is what he had to do and I sh** you not. He had to climb on jungle gym handbars, climb a rope ladder to ring a bell, run up to the concourse and drink a soda, run back to the ring and juggle two balls (giggity) for five seconds, do the Dizzy Dean bat spin outside the ring then push a crate up the ramp. WTF? Honestly. This is ridamndiculous.

Bryan’s time was bad because he was selling injured ribs from the attack by Batista on RAW Monday night. The Miz came out and said that Bryan was representing him in this competition and he has yet to do anything. So tonight it will be his winless record versus Michael Tarver’s winless record.

2. Michael Tarver defeated Daniel Bryan. If Tarver is being eliminated next week then I have no problem with this. Give him a courtesy win on his way out. He hit Bryan with his reverse powerslam finisher for the win.

After the match Tarver, Carlito and The Miz looked on as Bryan struggled to get to his feet. When he finally did Carlito hit him with the Backstabber. If I was Carlito I would be happy for NXT because it is the only show he is on basically.

3. Next up Heath Slater did his best to not have his fire extinguished from the tribe. His time was 1:36.

4. Darren Young failed to beat Slater’s time on the course but was entertaining for the fact he busted his ass coming back to the ring.

5. Justin Gabriel posted a time of 1:29 to take the lead and even had time to pose with a fan and juggle one handed.

6. David Otunga finished The Amazing Race in 1:35 and after Matt Striker said that his match with R-Truth was next.

7. R-Truth defeated David Otunga. Otunga slowed things down with some holds but Truth hit all of his basic offense and picked up the with with the flying corkscrew forearm.

8. Wade Barrett quit after being unable to do the monkey bars.

9. Skip Sheffield surprised everyone and posted a time of 1:31.

10. Michael Tarver quit the obstacle course after he almost threw up from drinking the soda.

11. Matt Striker announced that Justin Gabriel had won the challenge and was immune from next week’s elimination. He went to each rookie and asked who they thought should be eliminated. Every rookie said Michael Tarver. Even Michael Tarver. Daniel Bryan was the only exception because he said he should be eliminated because he has not won a match yet. Gabriel and Otunga began jawing at each other and then Darren Young and Wade Barrett started brawling to end the show.

Captain’s Chair:

+ If there is one plus it is that if Michael Tarver is eliminated next week there is a good chance he will be Ted DiBiase’s new “Virgil”.

– The whole show was weak. I spent 20 minutes of a 44 minute show watching guys climb rope ladders and juggle instead of wrestling.

– Again Daniel Bryan loses to Sheffield last week, to a winless Tarver this week but carries his own against Batista on RAW. WWE has got to figure things out with him. He is too good to be playing this role.


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