Nightmare Scares Up Some Box Office

2 May

by: Captain Oblivious

A weak April finally got jumpstarted in it’s last week as the reboot of the horror classic A Nightmare on Elm St. took the top spot easily by bringing in a little over 32 million dollars. Exact numbers will be out on Tuesday but the number should hold close to the estimate.

While the take of NOES is a bit below the opening weekend of Friday the 13th over a year ago it still bodes well for a possible sequel down the road.

Summer should begin in full force next week with the release of Iron Man 2 which should cross 100 million dollars in it’s first three day frame.

1. A Nightmare on Elm St- 32.2 / 32.2

2. How To Train Your Dragon- 10.8/ 192.3

3. Date Night- 7.6/ 73.6

4. The Back-Up Plan- 7.2/ 22.9

5. Furry Vengeance- 6.5/ 6.5

6. The Losers- 6.0/ 18.0

7. Clash of the Titans- 5.9/  154.0

8. Kick-Ass- 4.4/ 42.0

9. Death At A Funeral- 4.0/ 34.7

10. Oceans- 2.6/ 13.5


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