WWE RAW Results- 04/26/10

27 Apr

by: Captain Oblivious

Sigh. I guess I was spoiled. I have gotten used to the annual WWE Draft being the place where some major moves take place. Championships traded between shows, tag teams broken up or reunited. But last night shouldn’t have been called the WWE Draft it should have been called the “let’s bend Smackdown over and rape their roster”. It was kind of like watching a snuff film. Your not really sure if what your watching is really happening.

1. ShoMiz opened the show by saying that The Hart Dynasty’s name implied that they have won championships. Miz said Bret was the biggest loser of the family and that he had to come out and proclaim ShoMiz the greatest tag team of all time.

Bret came out and said that ShoMiz was the greatest team ever. Then he proclaimed The Mountie the greatest Intercontinental champ ever and David Arquette was the greatest world champion. He said he could say whatever he wanted but tonight ShoMiz would have to call The Hart Dynasty the new Unified Tag Team Champions.

2. The Hart Dynasty defeated ShoMiz to win the Unified Tag Team Championships. Damn good match. The crowd was really hot and into it. Miz and Show wore Tyson Kidd down. Kidd got the tag to Smith. Smith ate a kick from Miz and as Miz made the pin he put his feet on the ropes. Before the three count could be made Bret Hart pushed Miz’s feet off the ropes. Big Show came after Bret but Kidd hit him with a plancha off the ring. Miz took a Hart Attack from the Dynasty then tapped out from a sharpshooter applied by Kidd.

As the show came back from commercial they showed the aftermath of ShoMiz losing the titles with Show hitting Miz with the Hamhock. Miz took one for the team there.

3. LayCool defeated Eve and Maryse for a Smackdown draft pick. A step up from the normal diva stuff we are normally fed. And by that I mean it barely sucked instead of being unwatchable sh**. Maryse at a big boot and McBangtaker picked up the victory.

**Smackdown gets……Kelly Kelly**

So now instead of losing to Maryse every week she can lose to McCool.

4. CM Punk defeated Evan Bourne for a Smackdown draft pick. Good back and forth action. But just as Bourne went to the top rope for Air Bourne Joey Mer…I mean the S.E.S. mystery man pushed Bourne and Punk hit a sick looking GTS for the win.

**Smackdown gets……Big Show**

Not surprising in that Show switches brands every year.

5. Sheamus came out and proclaimed HHH’s career was over by his hands. And now that he was done with Hunter he should be next in line for the WWE Championship. Randy Orton made his way to the ring and said that even when he and HHH were at each other’s throats he still respected him and always fought him face to face not like Sheamus did last night. I personally would take being attacked from behind better than being handcuffed to the ropes while my wife was DDT’d and molested in the ring….but to each his own. Sheamus told Orton to get out of the ring or he would put him out just like he did Hunter.

John Cena’s music hit and I lose interest. He says something about the guest host went to wrong draft. Something about Mel Kiper….blah blah blah. God I can’t wait till The Rock guest hosts and can show Cena how to cut a promo when you are the main guy.

He said that as WWE Champion he got to choose the new number one contender. I don’t remember when that rule took effect but oh well. He said that if Orton and Sheamus each wanted the title so bad that later tonight they could have a match to determine the new number one contender.

6. Santino and Ted DiBiase won a ten man interpromotional battle royal for 3 RAW draft picks. Drew McIntyre was eliminated first which keeps telling me that even though he may be the golden child right now opinions can change quickly. In the end it came down to Santino who was choke slammed by Kane and was taking a siesta in the corner, Ted DiBiase and Rey Mysterio. DiBiase and Mysterio did some great work on the ropes and side of the ring teasing eliminations. Rey ran at DiBiase and ate a big boot and fell to the floor. Santino began celebrating and DiBiase hit him with Dream Street.

**RAW gets…..John Morrison, R-Truth and Edge**

Wow. So far Smackdown has Kelly Kelly and Big Show and in one swoop RAW has these three guys? This is not looking too good for SD.

7. Chris Jericho came out and said that Heath Slater owed him an apology for beating him last week on NXT. Slater made his way out looking as douchbaggy as ever. He said he was sorry. Sorry that Jericho could not beat him or Edge and that he was sorry that he would lose to Christian also.

8. Chris Jericho defeated Christian for a Smackdown draft pick. I remember the great match these two put on at Wrestlemania 20 and six years later they still click in the ring so well. The nding saw Christian go up top and attempt his missle dropkick only to have Jericho catch him in the Walls of Jericho. Christian grabbed the ropes and Jericho thought he had won the match. The ref said no and he ran at Christian and took a reverse DDT for a two count. Christian went to the top turnbuckle again and he leapt off and got hit with the Codebreaker for the 3. As Slater got in the ring to check on his pro Jericho gave him a Codebreaker for good measure.

**Smackdown gets…..Kofi Kingston**

Good move here. Ever since his Orton feud stalled he needs something new. Kofi ran down to the ring and hit Jericho with the Trouble in Paradise.

9. Jack Swagger defeated John Morrison for a Smackdown draft pick. This was the third match in three weeks for these two and honestly I could watch them again. Their previous two matches on Smackdown were near PPV quality and while this was just a step below that is was a great match nevertheless. Both showed off their offense well. Morrison hit most of his high spots and Swagger stuck to the power game. Morrison went for Starship Pain but Swagger grabbed him off the top rope and hit the gutwrench powerbomb for the victory.

**Smackdown gets…..Christian**

Dangit. I love the Christian move to Smackdown. Really I do. But I was hoping for an Edge feud or something…but alas no dice.

10. Ted DiBiase was in the locker room asking Carlito if he had thought about his offer. Carlito said no thanks. DiBiase then went up to R-Truth and welcomed him to RAW. He said he was looking for a confidant. Someone to watch his back. Carry his bags. Do the little things. R-Truth said what we all were thinking that Jr. wanted his own personal Virgil just like his daddy. Ted said he was nothing like his father and that this would be different. Truth said he could carry Ted’s shoes and shine his belt up for him. He asked DiBiase if he could have some time to think about it. Ted agreed and Truth showed Ted his pimp hand and left.

11. Hornswaggle defeated Dolph Ziggler by countout for a RAW draft pick. Mini Finlay hit Ziggler with his army helmet and kept him out of the ring until the ten count. As he celebrated Ziggler piefaced him into the ring HARD. It was awesome! Then he put him in the sleeper and went on his merry way.

**Raw gets…..Chris Jericho**

Huh? That was the last pick of the night? Damn Smackdown. If I didn’t know any better I would think they were cancelling you with the way they got all your main eventers.

12. Batista stormed his way to ring. He grabbed the microphone and said that last night was a joke. Duct tape? What the hell was that? I was thinking the same thing Dave. He said he was the man around here not Cena and that Cena owed him a match because of last night. Sheamus came out and said that Batista had his shot and he blew it. Orton made his way down and tried to make Batista an offer. That he would beat Sheamus right now and then beat Batista after that.

John Cena knuckle dragged his way out and said that there was only one way to solve this and that was make this a triple threat match. Damn for a minute there I thought he was going to say tickle fight but he went a different direction.

13. Batista defeated Randy Orton and Seamus to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship. I love it when RAW gives their main events time to develop. This match was over 15 minutes and it was very good. Each man made believable near falls and kept the action fresh and fast paced. Orton hit the Deacon with his hangman’s DDT and prepared for an RKO when Sheamus hit him with a knee to the head. As Sheamus lifted Orton for the Pale Justice Batista nailed him with a spear. Orton powerslammed Tista and then hit Sheamus with the RKO. And just as Orton turned BAM Edge hit him with a spear. Edge walked slowly up the ramp as Batista barely draped his arm over Orton for the win.

Captain’s Chair:

+ While the draft aspect of the show was weak the matches were really good this week so the show was good overall.

+ I wondered when they would let Bret give the rub to The Hart Dynasty and I think it worked great waiting till after Mania.

+ Christan and Jericho can still bring it when they face each other even after all these years.

+ Swagger and Morrison once again kept me entertained during their entire match

+ The triple threat main event was great in my opinion. All three guys really meshed well together.

+ It is a shame that Batista may be taking time off or leaving the company soon because I think he has finally hit his stride and is awesome on almost a weekly basis.

+ The Raw side of the draft.

-The Smackdown side of the draft. I mean c’mon….seriously.

– A little negative for moving Kelly Kelly. I see more of RAW and so to me that means less Kelly Kelly.


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  1. Frannie April 27, 2010 at 2:59 pm #

    You are such a dork. 😉

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