2010 NFL Draft Quick Grades

23 Apr

by: Captain Oblivious

Well round one of the 2010 NFL draft is in the books. And it was filled with some good moments (Oakland finally using their high draft pick smartly) and some sloppy moments (basically the entire ESPN broadcast). Maybe it was just me but it seemed like ESPN was not prepared for this year’s draft like they have been in the past. I understand it is live and there are a lot of variables that come into play but as an avid viewer of the draft ever year this was one of the worst broadcasts I’ve seen. Add to that Mel Kiper continually shoving that fu**stick Jimmy Clausen down our throats and it was almost intolerable. Here now is the rundown of the first round and what we think of the pick by a simple grading system. There will be time for discussion later. Gotta get ready for round two tonight. Maybe we will get three more hours of hearing Kiper bash teams for not taking an overrated quarterback.

Hey Mel!! Your wrong every once and a while!! How’s that Mike Williams going to the Hall of Fame working out so far?

1. St. Louis Rams

Sam Bradford- Oklahoma- QB

-Sorry couldn’t resist the picture.

Grade: B

2. Detroit Lions

Ndamukong Suh- Nebraka- DT

-The kid’s a freak. Simple as that. Add him to the signing of Vanden Bosch and the Lions defense may not be a joke anymore.

Grade: A

3. Tampa Bay

Gerald McCoy- Oklahoma- DT

-Guess the Bucs found their next Warren Sapp…let’s hope

Grade: B

4. Washington Redskins

Trent Williams- Oklahoma- OT

– The Skins gotta protect their new investment.

Grade: B+

5. Kansas City Chiefs

Eric Berry- Tennessee- S

– Easy pick. This is the next Ed Reed.

Grade: A

6. Seattle Seahawks

Russell Okung- Oklahoma State- OT

– Makes me think that Pete Carrol may believe as I do that Matt Hasselback is a better quarterback when he in not being knocked down and injured.

Grade: B

7. Cleveland Browns

Joe Haden- Florida- CB

– Thank God Cleveland made the smart pick instead of taking Clausen.

Grade: B

8. Oakland Raiders

Rolando McClain- Alabama- LB

– I’m thinking Al Davis did not make this pick. Because it was a good one.

Grade: B+

9. Buffalo Bills

CJ Spiller- Clemson- RB

– I don’t hate this pick as much as some folks do. There are plenty of QB’s that Buffalo can get through free agency. At least in Spiller you have a RB that is also proficient at kick returns.

Grade: B

10. Jacksonville Jaguars

Tyson Alualu- Cal- DT

– Another Jag pass rusher….meh

Grade: C

11. San Francisco 49ers

Anthony Davis- Rutgers- OT

Grade: B

12. San Diego Chargers

Ryan Matthews- Fresno St. – RB

– Chargers brass know that Darren Sproles is not an every down back.

Grade: B

13. Philadelphia Eagles

Brandon Graham- Michigan- DE

– The only bright spot on Michigan’s horrible team should shine bright on the Eagles defense.

Grade: B+

14. Seattle Seahawks

Earl Thomas- Texas- S

Grade: B

15. New York Giants

Jason Pierre-Paul- South Florida- DE

– The Giants got burned by the Raiders then they burned themselves by taking Paul over Morgan from Georgia Tech.

Grade: C-

16. Tennessee Titans

Derrick Morgan- Georgia Tech- DE

– Jeff Fisher should be calling the Giants front office and thanking them for the early Christmas present.

Grade: B+

17. San Francisco 49ers

Mike Iupati- Idaho- G

Grade: B-

18. Pittsburgh Steelers

Maurkice Pouncey- Florida- B-

– Justin Hartwig isn’t going to be around forever. Even if Big Ben’s Bathroom Stall is up and running in P’burg or not you gotta have a quality center.

19. Atlanta Falcons

Sean Witherspoon- Missouri- LB

Grade: B

20. Houston Texans

Kareem Jackson- Alabama- CB

-This may be my Bama bias  coming out but the Texans made a great pick

Grade: B+

21. Cincinnati Bengals

Jermaine Gresham- Oklahoma- TE

– Kind of surprising. I guess Dez Bryant was too much of a risk for the Bengals? Cause they have never had players with problems before right? With two TE’s already there this confused me a little.

Grade: C-

22. Denver Broncos

Demaryius Thomas- Georgia Tech- WR

– A lot of people are scratching their heads that the Broncos did not take Dez Bryant here but instead took Thomas. I can’t fault Josh McDaniel for sticking to his good character guns here but maybe he should have took a chance on Bryant.

Grade: C

23. Green Bay Packers

Bryan Bulaga- Iowa- OT

– Rodgers spent more time than he should have on the turf last season. This should work.

Grade: B

24. Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant- Oklahoma St.- WR

-With the ghost of Randy Moss still haunting Jerry Jones he traded with the Pats and snatched up Bryant. Roy Williams might wanna pick up the pace a bit in Big D.

Grade: B+

25. Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow- Florida- QB

– They have Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn. Why take Tebow? Umm because Kyle Orton could be injured at any time and Brady Quinn hasn’t proved a thing. Why not take him? And even if Tebow is the number 3 he will be served well by sitting and slowly learning the ins and outs of the pro game until his time comes.

Grade: B

26. Arizona Cardinals

Dan Williams- Tennessee- DT

– Karlos Dansby is gone. Simple pick.

Grade: B-

27. New England Patriots

Devon McCourty- Rutgers- CB

– Bill Belichick is gonna have to realize that his dynasty is no more. Safe picks may not be an option in the future.

Grade: C

28. Miami Dolphins

Jared Odrick- Penn State- DT

– Bill Parcells shows why he is a football guru. The Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year at 28? Thank you very much.

Grade: A

29. New York Jets

Kyle Wilson- Boise State- CB

– Wilson paired with Revis should assure the Jets a return playoff trip.

Grade: A-

30. Detroit Lions

Jahvid Best- Cal- RB

– Gotta start getting Matthew Stafford some help somewhere.

Grade: B-

31. Indianapolis Colts

Jerry Hughes- TCU- DE

– The Dwight Freeney injury hurt the Colts. No one can argue that. This shore’s up the depth at the position. A solid move.

Grade: B

32. New Orleans Saints

Patrick Robinson- Florida State- CB

– The Saints really weren’t aching for a lot. So take the best position guy available.

Grade: B

*Should be lots to talk about tonight in Round 2. Who finally pulls the trigger on McCoy and Clausen? Where will Terrance Cody land? Will Jon Gruden say dumbass on the air again? Will Steve Young ever stfu and let Tom Jackson talk?


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