TNA Lockdown 2010 Rundown

16 Apr

by: Captain Oblivious

TNA has done a good job the past few weeks setting up the Lethal Lockdown match this Sunday. The rest of the lineup has not gotten as great a buildup specially the A.J. Styles vs. Pope matchup. Two months ago when the Pope won the 8 man stud tournament it seemed like a big deal that he would be challenging Styles but now it has become an afterthought. Let’s take a look at the card TNA is giving us on Sunday night.

The Beautiful People vs. Tara and Angelina Love

All the Knockout titles will be on the line in this match. Of course TNA didn’t do a good job telling us this because I just thought it would be Angelina’s Knockout title up for grabs. Oh well, I really shouldn’t complain because even the trashy Knockout stuff from last week is ten times better than anything WWE is throwing out there with the divas.

Prediction: Love and Tara win the Knockout Tag Team titles.

The Band vs. Team 3D

I feel for Team 3D. With the tag division in a state of flux right not especially with Matt Morgan holding the tag titles as a singles wrestlers it seems like 3D has been running through the “everybody used to care about these guys” gauntlet. First with The Nasty Boys and now with Hall and Waltman.

Prediction: Team 3D will get a sympathy win in the cage.

Kazarian vs. Douglas Williams vs. Shannon Moore

I really have not been a fan of Douglas Williams since he surprisingly won the X Title a few months back. I am slowing turning that opinion around due to the fact he is embracing his anti X division wrestling stance. He’s like Chavo with a personality. These three have been entertaining the past few weeks and should put on a good match.

Prediction: Douglas Williams retains the belt

Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young

Don’t get me wrong I am glad Nash has truly embraced his role of getting younger guys over but I just can’t seem to care about this feud. I’m having trouble buying Young as the tough guy. Maybe that will change with time, who knows.

Prediction: With Hall and Waltman losing (I believe) Nash picks up a tainted win.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Of all the matches on the card this is the one that TNA has really spent time investing in the story. I have loved the whole Angle/ Anderson thing since it began a couple of months ago. It is hard to predict a winner because you would think Angle would get a big revenge win here but Kurt is taking time off after the PPV so who knows.

Prediction: Angle gets the emotional win.

Lethal Lockdown Match

The annual Lethal Lockdown match has always been a fun train wreck to watch every year. While WWE keeps going TV-PG TNA is not afraid to let the blood flow. This match should prove no different. This is the most star studded match in TNA’s history with Hogan, Flair, Hardy, RVD and Sting.

Prediction: Team Hogan pulls out the win

A.J. Styles vs. The Pope for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

As I said earlier a couple of months ago this match was a toss up as to who would be the winner. TNA is firmly behind Pope of that I have no doubt but Styles has been more involved in the Hogan/Flair rumble than his challenger. I don’t think this bodes well for Pope. Styles is running with the ball and there is no reason to have him lose it now.

Prediction: Styles retains

What are your predictions? How would you book Lockdown? Let us know!


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