Monday Night Delight Preview- 04/05/10

5 Apr

by: Captain Oblivious

As I cradle my Shawn Michaels Entrance Great figure close I must make it through this Monday Night Delight without tearing up. Be strong Captain…….be strong.

Over on RAW we have guest host David Otunga from NXT. That tells me either WWE couldn’t secure a guest host or Jennifer Hudson will be there tonight in the audience. IIIII don’t know. There are not any advertised matches to my knowledge so here is what I believe will happen.

– Otunga will book himself in a title match against John Cena.

– Sheamus will continue his attacks on HHH leading into Extreme Rules.

– New World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger will make an appearance since he is technically a part of the RAW roster.

– John Cena will come out an…zzzzzzzzzzzz

Meanwhile over on Impact they are offering up a main event with Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson in a Ladder Match. What is hanging above the ladder you may ask? Why the keys to the cage at Lockdown of course. I figured it would be Judy Bagwell in a cage or something but oh well.

Here’s what else Impact will offer.

– Another Blair Joe project video.

-Beer Money will lose to Taylor Wilde in a handicap match.

– Abyss will hulk up and continue to kill his character that he’s created over the past 7 years.

And one final note. Impact will be on an hour earlier tonight for those of you setting DVR’s. No reason was given for the move tonight but my guess is Spike is testing the ratings to see if a move to 7 permanently will help Impact.


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