2010 Movie Preview- Resident Evil: Afterlife

5 Apr

by: Captain Oblivious

If you are keeping a running count this is the fourth Resident Evil movie from director/producer Paul W.S. Anderson. Once again Leeloo Dallas multipass, or Milla Jovovich, returns as Alice. It has been five years since the outbreak and she is determined to take down Umbrella once and for all.

And before you groan that this movie will be in 3D just know that this is not some tacked on 3D as with Clash of the Titans. The entire film was filmed using the same 3D process as Avatar so this will be a more quality 3D experience. Whether the movie is good or not? That remains to be seen. I liked the first two Resident Evil’s and while Extinction was not on par with the first two it was not a bad movie.


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