WWE NXT Results- 03/30/10

31 Mar

by: Captain Oblivious

NXT had it’s first rookie poll last night. After five weeks it is good to see the show has a direction now. The first rookie poll looked like this:

1. Daniel Bryan

2. Wade Barrett

3. Justin Gabriel

4. Heath Slater

5. David Otunga

6. Skip Sheffield

7. Michael Tarver

8. Darren Young

Now I can’t really complain about the poll because I am sure that this is strictly for story purposes. I like the Bryan at one but the Otunga and Young placement is off so I have to assume that the WWE is using this for story.

Another vote will happen in six weeks and then every week the lowest ranked superstar will be eliminated until a final four is decided. The rookie that wins will be put on a show and receive a championship shot of his choice.

1. R-Truth, CM Punk, Wade Barrett and Matt Hardy defeated William Regal, Carlito, Christian and The Miz in a RAW Pro vs. Smackdown Pro tag match. Barrett was put in by Jericho because he was too injured from his Mania match to compete. Barrett hit his weak finisher on Christian for the pin.

2. David Otunga won the 8 rookie battle royal. Otunga gets to guest host RAW on Monday with the win. I would have him book himself against Cena for the title and give him a good showing against the champ.

Captain’s Chair:

+ It is good to see the show finally has a set direction. I like the idea of giving the winner a championship shot.

+ The pro tag match was good. It was nice to see Barrett could hang in there with the pros.

– I am still sad over HBK’s departure and the video packages aren’t helping any.

I will return to my rookie scores next week but because this was the first rookie poll show and they competed in a battle royal I will just give my 1-8.

1. Daniel Bryan

2. David Otunga

3. Wade Barrett

4. Heath Slater

5. Darren Young

6. Justin Gabriel

7. Skip Sheffield

8. Michael Tarver

Till next time true believer……


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