Monday Night Raw Results- 03/29/10

30 Mar

by: Captain Oblivious

Last night’s RAW certainly was a memorable one. Not for the matches or guest hosts….God no. This RAW wasn’t really about that it was about The Heartbreak Kid saying his farewell to the fans.

1. Batista made his way to the ring and told everyone that he wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of seeing him complain about losing the WWE title at Wrestlemania. John Cena made his way out. I have seen him with the belt last night and tonight and I am already bored with him as champion. He said some stuff I really wasn’t paying attention to then said that Deacon Dave should use his rematch clause tonight. Batista politely declined then started to brawl with Cena. Tista rolled out of the ring and started up the ramp.

BAM! Jack Thwagger hits the ring and attacks the champ (gag) with the MITB briefcase. He calls for a ref and here is where the WWE creative people are blind. People cheered when Swagger said he was cashing in! Jack Swagger! The man most people don’t care enough to boo about. They don’t want Cena champion anymore than I do. Cena is better when he is chasing the belt. Anyway….Cena got the upper hand so Swagger called off the match and left.

2. Two groups of legends including Roddy Piper and Ted DiBiase (of the Million Dollar Man variety) made their way to the ring for a special legends lumberjack match. Rob Corddry and Clark Duke bored everyone into not caring that there were a load of freaking legends at ringside. After the good opening segment this show is quickly going the way of the buffalo.

3. Christian defeated Ted DiBiase in the legends lumberjack match. A short harmless match. Christian really needs to move to Smackdown in the draft. There is so much more to do with him over there. He ran ECW for a year and is already an afterthought. After the match Ted Jr. pushed his HOF daddy.

4. HHH came out and began giving his thoughts on his best friend Shawn Michaels. It was really well done and right as he was about to say something to Shawn (SHAZAM!) Sheamus hits Hunter from behind with a pipe (I smell Extreme Rules coming).

5. Divas…..don’t care

6. Bret Hart came out and thanked everyone for their support and that it felt great to beat Vince at Wrestlemania. ShoMiz then came out and Miz said Bret should be proud of himself for beating Vince in a 25 on 1 handicap match (nice) and even went as far as to call Stu Hart overrated. Miz said he’s 17 wins away from tying Taker. God I love Miz. The Hart Dynasty (remember them) came out and they took it to ShoMiz.

7. John Cena and Randy Orton defeated Batista and Jack Swagger. Color me surprised. I enjoyed the hell outta this match. It was a fun 7 minute match with Swagger getting some good offense in. The reaction Orton got was insane. WWE is hanging their hat on John Cena but seems to me Orton is becoming your most over face on RAW. Orton hit an RKO on belly tattoo and a sick RKO on Swagger for the win. Cena looked leary of his partner wondering whether to trust him…I love it.

8. HBK gave his farewell address. They gave Shawn 15-20 minutes and I loved every bit of it. He thanked the fans, Bret Hart, Vince ,Hunter and even production and video guys. It was a classic RAW moment and a moment in wrestling history that I will not forget. Thank you Shawn for a lifetime of memories from a lifelong wrestling fan.

Captain’s Chair:

+ This show was a pretty good follow up to Mania. Not match wise mind you except for the tag match. But you had the buildup of Swagger with the MITB briefcase, the continuation of Cena/Batista and the Sheamus attack on HHH.

+ Speaking of Sheamus, his attack on HHH could not have gone better. The crowd was calling for Sheamus’ head after and that is what you want them to do.

+ Props to the WWE and Bret Hart allowing Miz to cut a promo with Hitman.

+ Orton as Cena’s partner worked great

+ And of course HBK. I can not say enough about how much I will miss him now that his in ring career is over.

– The legends lumberjack match. Only because it seems like Christian is a throwaway star now on RAW.

– No Kofi?

– Seeing Mark Henry in a speedo.

– Rob Corddry and Clark Duke……blaaaaah.


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