Nintendo Announces The 3DS

24 Mar

by: Captain Oblivious

There it is. Soak it in. It’s superior form and function is surpassed only by it’s gameplay.

Ok I don’t know what it looks like and none of us will know until this year’s E3 in June. But Nintendo’s hype machine has already kicked into gear. The new DS will give the illusion of 3D images without the use of glasses.

Rumors have this new DS being loaded with longer battery life, analog control and rumble capabilities. I guess we will just have to wait till June when Nintendo has promised they will unveil the 3DS in fully playable form.

This better not suck. But with Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s Glow Dildo can I really fault Nintendo for innovating again?


One Response to “Nintendo Announces The 3DS”

  1. Little Professor June 20, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    I can’t wait for the Nintendo 3DS to come out. I’ve heard that the 3DS will use a Nvidia Tegra graphics card! Isn’t that cool! I’m kind of bummed that the bottom screen will be smaller than the DS lite’s bottom screen, though. Do you know if is it true that the Nintendo 3DS will have a multi-touch screen and a GPS?

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