Bond Goes Slumdog

22 Mar

by: Captain Oblivious

At least Sam Mendes seems to be off to a good start helming the newest Bond feature. We officially have a new Bond girl set and that’s before the film even has a name. Mendes has cast Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire fame to be the newest Bond conquest in the 23rd Bond flick.

The new story is set in Afghanistan and word is that Mendes is looking to reinvent the spy genre with this film. First off the past two Daniel Craig Bond films have been two of the best in the series so I really don’t think Mendes needs to reinvent the wheel here. As long as he doesn’t have Bond watching a plastic bag in the wind and calling it the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen I think we’ll be alright.

Oh yea and in case you were wondering here’s Freida Pinto.

I’ve got two words for you. Bond girl…….material.


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