Could A Theater Contain Dr. Horrible’s Awesomeness?

19 Mar

by: Captain Oblivious

Ummm no. No it could not. Because Dr. Horrible brings so much awesome that your face has to tell your brain it’s hurting. But still that did not stop Neil Patrick Harris from saying that a possible sequel may make it’s way onto the big screen.

Excuse me while I go change my pants……..

Ok. Good. New pants. Here we go. I could not get to the theater fast enough if Dr. Horrible 2 did make it’s way to theaters. If you have not seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog yet then do yourself a favor and go watch it on Hulu or pick up the DVD (Blu Ray is out in June BTW). You could spend 45 minutes of your life doing worse things.

And never forget as Captain Hammer says: “The hammer is my penis”.


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