WWE NXT Results- 03/16/10

17 Mar

by: Captain Oblivious

Well it was bound to happen eventually. After three solid weeks NXT finally had an off week. Don’t get me wrong it was not a bad show. It just was not up to the past three offerings.

1. CM Punk and Darren Young defeated Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel. Another good tag match to start the show. Not as good as last week’s but it held it’s own. Punk hit Matt Hardy with the GTS and Young picked up the victory. After, as Young tried to celebrate with Punk Luke Gallows hit Young with the Twelfth Step.

2. The Great Khali defeated Daniel Bryan. Bryan is 0-4. I know they are working the whole underdog thing but we may want him to pick up a victory. Bryan was given more offense than you would think before Khali hit the Punjabi Bomb. After Big Show came out and chokeslammed Bryan.

3. Douchebag McCockburn defeated “The Weak Link” Michael Tarver. The audience did not care for this match and it didn’t really wow me any. Tarver has a good look but he is missing a lot of tools needed to get over. Tarver attacked the one man queer band afterwards.

4. Wade Barrett defeated Skip Sheffield. Another meh match. It wasn’t for the lack of effort. I could tell both guys were working hard but they just didn’t click together. Barrett picked up the win after he caught Sheffield arguing with Regal and hit him with his very bland finishing move.

Captain’s Chair:

+ Once again a good tag match opened the show.

+ More Punk on the show. I believe someone heard me last week when I said had been used the least and should be showcased more. At least that’s my story.

+ Chris Jericho. He is always entertaining but on NXT he is so hilarious and seems to be a little looser on the show than normal.

– The overall show. After three weeks of really entertaining matchups this past week dropped off.

– No David Otunga. They ran his promo package again but that just makes me hate him more. I don’t mind seeing him in the ring.

– The Daniel Bryan losing streak. I understand why they are doing it but you may want to give him a victory before the “evaluation” show in two weeks.

Rookie Scores:

1. Daniel Bryan: B

– He was squashed basically. But the offense he did get in on Khali was believable. I smell a match with Big Show next week.

2. Darren Young: B-

– Nothing spectacular but another solid outing for the future Staightedge disciple.

3. Justin Gabriel: B

– Since he lost the homo erotic entrance attire everything has been good. His pairing with Matt Hardy is perfect because he is exactly like Hardy. It seems like he works great in the ring and that I should care about what he does……but I don’t.

4. Heath Slater: C

– His match with Tarver may have been his third win in a row but it was not that great.

5. Michael Tarver: C-

– He is the weak link. There is no way around that.

6. Skip Sheffield: C

– A main event loss is not that bad but his singles match was a step down from his good work in the tag match he had two weeks ago.

7. Wade Barrett: B-

– Another win for the Jericho protege but an unimpressive one. And please God change your finishing move.

8. David Otunga: N/A


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