WWE RAW Results- 03/15/10

16 Mar

by: Captain Oblivious

1. Stone Cold opened the show. Sadly he did not drive out on his Mario Kart. He said it felt great to be back in the ring. He put over Bret Hart and talked about their match at Wrestlemania 13 as the defining moment in his career. He then put over Vince saying he was ruthless and cutthroat. He is here tonight to make sure their contract signing goes off without hitches.

2. John Cena’s music hit and he ran to the ring like Austin had a banana. He slid in and Austin signaled he was safe. I laughed pretty good at that. Austin half bent over cocked like he was going to give a stunner then smiled as Cena turned around. As Austin made his way up the ramp Big Show’s music started and as he passed Austin, Stone Cold wave and smiled at Show. It’s been ten minutes and Austin is already the best guest host ever.

3. Big Show defeated John Cena when he hit him with the Hamhock. This being the third Wrestlemania Rewind match and the bazillionth overall between these two I was pleasantly surprised this match kept me interested. Batista came out and the distraction allowed Show to punch the drunk monkey for the three count.

4. Evan Bourne vs. Sheamus never started because Bourne has never learned that when a heel grabs a mic right before the bell rings to say something that means you are about to be hit with said mic. A bicycle kick and a crucifix bomb followed. Sheamus then cut a pretty good promo going over everyone HHH has beaten but come Wrestlemania he will take the king’s throne.

5. Maryse pinned Kelly Kelly. After this I flipped it to Impact to watch the Angelina Love and Daffney match. Hoping WWE is watching also so they can learn how to book a women’s division.

6. Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Jericho by countout. Not very much from these two which disappointed me greatly. I didn’t expect a full on classic but 7 or 8 minutes would have been nice. Jericho left and got counted out intentionally. Edge attacked him from behind and speared him.

7. Randy Orton vs. HHH ended in a no contest. It amazes me that every singles match HHH and Orton have had against each other since last years Wrestlemania has been better than their main event match last year. I thought their WM 25 match was one of the worst Mania main events ever. This match, however, was entertaining. Legacy and Sheamus attacked them both to end the match. Jerry Lawler said things are changing in the WWE. I hope he is right.

8. WWE announced that Gorgeous George will be inducted into the HOF. Excellent. He was a trailblazer that did new things no one had ever seen before.

9. Batista defeated Kofi Kingston. Wow. So Kofi went from being the hottest thing on RAW to a glorified squash for Batista and he has no match at Wrestlemania? Have the writers simply forgot he is there? Is this going to be a case of Elijah Burke syndrome?

10. Bret Hart hobbled his way to the ring followed by Vinnie who fake hobbled his way down. Stone Cold made his way out and “kindly” told Vince to sit. Austin reminded everyone that Stu Hart was supposed to go into the HOF until Vince nixed it. Austin said nobody deserves it more than Bret’s father for training some of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Austin continued by saying that Stu Hart will be in the HOF this year and asked if Vince had a problem with it. Vince said he did not because that meant the entire Hart family will be there to see him beat Bret. He said every Hart that stepped foot in this ring was a dysfunctional derelict (and here is where a buddy of mine who will remain nameless said  didn’t Owen fall in to the ring?).

Bret said that both his legs could be broken he would still beat Vince. And that he did not want a normal match he wanted a no holds barred match. Bret signed the contract then Vince did the same after hesitating for just a second.

Austin said he could not wait for Wrestlemania so he could see Vince get “the ass whipping of his life”. He left the ring and stopped on the ramp and said there was one more thing but he would let Bret tell Vince what it was. Vince turned around to see Bret still sitting at the table but now his leg cast was on the table. Hart told Vince he did not need the cast because he was 100 percent. He hit Vince with the cast and flipped him over the table before hitting him with the cast again.

Captain’s Chair:

+ The Bret Hart angle was predictable but it worked really well. It helped there was a hot crowd for the segment. While it has had a few lulls WWE has kept interest for this match up for the better part of 3 months.

+ I am pretty sure Cena will be defeating Batista at Mania but I wish he wouldn’t. I am loving the heel Batista character. He has never been better at any point in his career on the mic.

+ Stone Cold was not involved as much as I would have liked but he was still one of the best guest hosts ever. It was good to see him and he genuinely looked happy to be back, if only for one night.

+ Sheamus’ promo was good. Considering how some veterans stil have problems with the mic it is good to see a young guy like him can carry his own.

– I was surprised at the lack of on air buildup for the HBK/Taker match. Maybe WWE thinks they have sold it enough.

– I like the triple threat match with Orton and Legacy but I hate the way it was set up. Why would Cody and Ted fight each other at Mania? They have been working together to beat Orton so why wouldn’t they do the same at Mania? So they will fight each other to see who gets the pin? Inventive.

– Kofi, Kofi, Kofi. What happened?

-Like every week…….the divas.

Thanks for reading!


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