Monday Night War…A Response to Captain Oblivious!

7 Mar

I have been hearing from the wrestling community about how happy they are about the Monday Night War returning, but I am going to be honest, I believe it will fail, and fail bad. Unlike my partner in crime Capt. Oblivious, I just don’t see TNA doing much in this fight and I have some reasons why.

1. Its way too Fast.
The biggest problem is I believe TNA jumped the gun here. While it makes sense because it would cause both shows to put on a better product, TNA is not as established as the once WCW was when it made the jump. Hogan comes in and TNA is ready, the war is on, No I am not buying it. Not to mention doing it this soon, plus the month leading up to Wrestlemania, I would have wait till the Monday after Mania because lets face it, the Raw after Mania is a recap of Mania with a maybe one big return. I know the Raw after mania usually has good numbers in ratings, I believe it would have been easier for TNA to go head-to-head that night instead of the whole month of build up for Wrestlemania.

2. March 8th Main Event 1 week too Soon.
Mark my words hear and now, the Main Event of Impact this week with Hogan/Abyss vs Flair/Styles should have been pushed back one more week. I believe its a big deal match don’t get me wrong, Flair’s first match since WM 24 in America, Hogan’s First Match on American TV since ’06, but the probably is on March 15 wrestling fans won’t watch Impact. Why? Because on March 15 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will be host Raw. Now is the common wrestling fan going to watch, Impact that will have some good matches, or Stone Cold…Lets be honest most fans are saying “AH MAN IT’S STONE COLD!!! THROW ME A STEVEWEISER!” However, if TNA had held this match off one more week, WWE might could feel alittle pressure.

3. Feels like WCW all over again.
It may just be me, but TNA just reeks of WCW. I am seeing old WWE stars in TNA, granted they have the belt on the right guy with AJ Styles, but still feels too WCWish to me. The TNA product when Christian came in, and Sting was there and Angle first came, would probably give WWE a run for their money on Monday nights. Now it seems like instead of having a whole show full of good storylines, they only have like 2 and the rest just kinda floats around. Makes you wonder who will make the jump to the competition (…I see another blog in the future).

4. The Celebrities that Guest Host Raw.
I did this one last because it won’t kill TNA, but could hurt it. Now with them going head-to-head, the WWE will probably try and get bigger name people (well the biggest they can get) to host Raw. Not to mention one of the rumors that was on, which by the way is very reliable wrestling site, has stated that the WWE has decided to keep the Raw guest host going awhile longer, even though Austin was going to be the last one, and have even been in talks with The Rock to host the whole month of June. I am sorry, but if that happens, this is one wrestling fan that will not watch Impact for the entire month of June. Watch Hogan and Flair, who I have seen for months, or watch the Rock actually be in a WWE for the first time since 2004. If that does happen, TNA could be in trouble.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really hope TNA does well and that the wrestling business gets a boom from this. But right now I don’t see it. Maybe TNA will change my mind, but to be honest, I just don’t see it happening. I will be surprised if this time next year, we are still talking about the new “Monday Night War”.


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