WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 Results

22 Feb

by: Captain Oblivious

Well alright….here we are. Elimination Chamber. The last PPV before Wrestlemania. One would think this is where the road to Mania becomes a little clearer. And that one would be absolutely wrong. After last night I am going to just sit back and stop trying to assume what WWE is doing and let them decide how to make better or ruin their biggest show of the year. Here’s the results.

1. John Cena defeated HHH, Sheamus, Ted DiBiase, Randy Orton, and Kofi Kingston to win the WWE Title.

-The chamber match itself was very, very good. I expected the Smackdown chamber to be better honestly but the guys from Raw brought it I have to admit. I loved the Kofi getting his stuck in the chamber fence. It looked sick and was honestly something new we haven’t seen. DiBiase pinning Orton was done perfectly but I did not like Ted getting pinned literally 90 seconds after pinning Orton. I totally disagree with Sheamus losing the title this way. I believe a Sheamus/HHH match at Mania for the belt would have been good and Cena did not need the title for his feud with Batista.

Match Score: 7.5/10

Oh and speaking of Batista….

2. Batista defeated John Cena to win the WWE Title

-Yep. That just happened. Now you would think that I would be ecstatic that Cena lost the title on the same night even to a dbag like Batista but once again Cena OR Batista did not need the WWE title to make their feud mean anything.

Match Score: N/A

3. Drew McIntyre defeated Kane to retain the Intercontinental Title.

-Just a quick thought. McIntyre’s new music is sweet. I have slowly been getting on the McIntyre bandwagon since December. I think fans do not give two craps about him though. He needs to take out a fan favorite for a few months to give him some heat so fans will take the time to hate him. This match was a very slow build but the final 4 or 5 minutes were good.

Match Score: 6.5/10

4. Michelle McBangtaker and Layla defeated Gail Kim and Maryse

– Well I didn’t think it could be done. With the WWE women’s division the worse it has ever been since they reintroduced the Women’s title about 10 years ago they figured out a way to make it worse last night. Did I really care about the Diva’s championship match last night? Nooo let’s not be silly. But I would have much rather watched it instead of a 4 minute tag match where McBangtaker got another pin she did not deserve.

Match Score: 2/10

5. The Miz defeated MVP to retain the U.S. Title

Another unannounced match between these two but I’m not complaining. I am just happy that the IC and U.S. titles are finally getting love on PPV’s on a normal basis now. I like the feud with MVP right now but it shouldn’t keep going for too much longer because I think that fans are wising up to the fact that MVP will not be the man to unseat Miz for the title. Still, not a show stealer of a match but it was good nonetheless.

Match Score: 7/10

6. Chris Jericho defeated The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, CM Punk and John Morrison to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

-After the surprise filled debacle of a finish to the Raw chamber I prayed and prayed and prayed that this would go down according to plan.The match, while very good, did not blow the Raw match out of the water like I initially expected. Like the Royal Rumble Punk was the best thing about the match and was eliminated way too early. I liked Morrison being given the opportunity to be in the match instead of working the lame ankle injury to get HBK in there. He looked good and was given quality time in there with Taker and Jericho. And unlike the Raw match the expected happened……

Shawn came through the floor grating and superkicks Taker. Watches as Jericho wins the title and all is right with the world. We get Michaels/Taker 2 and Edge/Jericho at Mania. And you know what? I knew it was coming and it was still entertaining. You don’t need shock value for the sake of shock value with the Cena/Batista angle. It’s Wrestlemania. You don’t need to surprise people into ordering the show. This isn’t May. Your not trying to convince me to order Judgment Day. I am already ordering Wrestlemania. Stay the course WWE. Surprises are good and all…..when done properly.
Match Score: 8/10

Overall Show: 7/10

-A good score but honestly a little weak going into Mania. Let’s hope the ends justify the means.


One Response to “WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 Results”

  1. nala310 February 24, 2010 at 6:57 pm #

    Nice recap, very well done. I agree about McCool, she just interjects herself wherever she wants. All because she’s with Taker. I bet she wins on Friday and then beats Maryse to unify the belts at Mania. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. If anyone gets to unify the titles, it should be Mickie.
    The show was actually better then I expected, but I agree about Batista and Cena not needing the title. At least it didn’t go to Triple H! Wrestlemania has at least one match I’m interested in, Edge/Jericho. Everything else just looks like the usual crap to me. I have no interest in seeing Cena/Batista or Taker/HBK again.

    Check out my WWE/TNA recaps at

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