NBC Shows They Are The Lane Kiffin Of Networks

15 Jan

by: Captain Oblivious

I hope you all love getting your headlines fix on Monday nights or the comic genius that is the jaywalking segment because now you get to have it back. NBC has decided to give The Tonight Show back to the second unfunniest man in late night (sorry but I just can not laugh at Jimmy Fallon). Conan O’Brien’ last set of shows are scheduled to end on January 22 and then NBC can continue doing what they do best: offering the crappiest primetime schedule and now the weakest late night lineup on television. Yeah that will drag you out of last place ratings wise. I hope Comcast knew what they were doing when they bought this thing.

Whether you are a fan of Conan or not you have to readily admit that he is getting the shaft here. He was promised The Tonight Show 6 years ago….he didn’t ask for it, NBC offered it to keep him on the network when he had more lucrative offers elsewhere. He was given only seven months to build an audience before NBC’s bad decisions about the sh***y Jay Leno Show came back to haunt them. And I agree whole heartedly with Conan, The Tonight Show has always come on after the late local news for 50 years. Why should he be forced to move timeslots to accommodate Jay “Big Jaw” Leno (as Letterman calls him).

But all in all this will most likely work to Conan’s advantage. After NBC buys out his contract I could see him signing a massive money deal with Fox. And let’s not forget Fox goes off the air at 9 every night so they could offer Conan a primetime show at 9pm. And with the strong lead ins that Fox has during certain parts of the season (i.e. American Idol, 24, So You Think You Can Dance) Conan could pull in bigger number than Leno did at 9 o’clock. Only time will tell.

I’m with Coco.


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