The 5 WWE Superstars Who Should Win A World Title…..But Won’t

18 Dec

by: Captain Oblivious

Being a life long wrestling I begin to lose count of the conversations that my friends and I have had about who was the greatest wrestler to never win a world title. The list is an impressive one including the likes of Rick Rude, Curt Hennig, Jimmy Snuka, Magnum TA, Arn Anderson, Ted DiBiase, and Roddy Piper just to name a few.

But now we will go get into our Delorean, make sure the flux capacitor and Mr. Fusion is all working and get up to 88 mph and go 20 years into the future and look at the current WWE roster and list the top 5 guys that have the tools to win either the WWE title or the World Heavyweight title (sorry ECW) but ultimately will not.

Evan Bourne

Bourne remind me of Sean Waltman minus the drug abuse, being a douche and screwing Chyna. No matter what you thought of Waltman he had charisma that the fans latched onto when he was a face. Bourne is no different. His wrestling style is unique in today’s WWE. It is a true cruiserweight…..something you don’t see very much of coming out of Vince’s company these days. He is currently caught in the vicious WWE cycle of being over with the fans so creative believes it is ok to have him lose on a weekly basis thinking they will not lose favor with the fans. But here’s the rub. Eventually when losses become more expected than wins fans lose interest no matter how much charisma they may have. What Bourne needs is a quality feud with someone above him on the roster. A lot like Kofi has now with Randy Orton. But alas I see Bourne going nowhere above the U.S. or ECW title at the most. Which is a shame thinking of how much excitment he could bring by holding a world title.

Shelton Benjamin

This may be the saddest one on the list. While he has an almost ungodly amount of talent I believe Shelton has been held down because of his frightening lack of personality. It’s not like the audience can not get behind him because his in ring work is almost always quality it is when the mic meets the mouth that the problems arise. Especially with the new crop of younger guys coming in that have very good mic skills. It is not like we haven’t had a bland world champion (Chris Benoit….oops I said his name) but in these times in ring work is only half the skills required to be considered for the spot as “the man”.

Dolph Ziggler

Oh Dolph Ziggler whhat has happened? It was just a few short months ago that you were going to be the man to unseat Rey Mysterio as Intercontinental champion. Now you seem lost in the shuffle as a superstar far less than you in my opinion (Drew McIntyre) holds your title. What changed? I can’t see any change in the in ring work. The mic skills are still up there. Only thing that can I can think of is something backstage. Whether it is with creative, or you I have no idea. I think Dolph is on the fence right now. He could still be fast tracked to a title but equally he could be buried and endeavored within a span of months.

Cody Rhodes

I know i will get a whole lot of crap for this one but read and hear me out. I am not that big a fan of Cody Rhodes. No real reason he just doesn’t click with me. That being said what more do you want from him. He is nothing if not quality with promos (yes I realize the lisp…..but DiBiase has one too) and let’s take a look at this. Ted DiBiase is the chosen one. We all know this. I’m a huge Ted Dibiase mark. But let’s also face facts. Who give the majority of Legacy promos…..Cody. Who works the majority of in ring time during tag matches…..Cody. Who is put in the more important one on one matches on a normal basis (win or lose)…..Cody. He is an old school wrestler but does not bore you in the ring. He sells just about as well as anyone on the roster. And he is the Marty Janetty of his group.

Mike Knox

Of all the guys on this list I still hold out hope that Mike Knox can break through and win a world title. How quickly can one man turn around his career with nothing more than a beard huh. When he debuted on ECW with Kelly Kelly he was nothing special to write home about. After the storyline ran it’s course he disappeared for the better part of a year an returned with the Grizzly Adams from hell look. Since then? He has upped his game and is consistently the best big man the WWE has on the entire roster. His promos alone are reason to be creeped out as he mouths about how much pressure it takes to break a bone in the human body or how choking brings about a sense of euphoria. Add to that the fact he is agile in the ring (his cross body is still so sick) and you have the makings of what should be a future world champion. With the wrestling world woefully short on big men who can deliver quality matches on a normal basis I hope for the day that the WWE finaly realizes the potential that Mike Knox possesses.

So what do you think? Who do you think is deserving of a world title in the future? We love the feedback!!


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