How Cold Is It In Hell? Bret Hart Signs Contract With WWE!!

17 Dec

by: Captain Oblivious

Well well well. WWE says they do not consider TNA a threat but it sure seems like they are making moves to ensure they don’t lose any ground to the guys in Florida. Word is that the Excellence of Execution Bret Hart has signed a short term talent contract with the WWE. It apparently starts at the beginning of the new year and runs up roughly two weeks after Wrestlemania 26.

One would assume that he will be the guest host for the January 4 RAW when it goes head to head with TNA’s special three hour Impact. There are so many possibilities that come along with not only having Bret host RAW but also having him under contract until April. What might come of all of this? Here is a few possibilities:

-A Bret vs. Vince match at WM26.

-A Bret vs. Shawn match at WM26 (which is why Shawn teased the Undertaker rematch to throw people off)

– Bret gets pissed at creative before WM26 and leaves.

– Bret gets superkicked by Goldberg at a TGI Friday’s for no apparent reason.

– Bret strokes out again while trying to tell everyone that the bird’s the word.

– Bret dons the Blue Blazer outfit……results are not good.

– During their WM26 match Bret’s blurry vision from another concussion has him trying to put the Sharpshooter on Tony Chimmel and not HBK. (Also during the match HBK tries to superkick a ringpost because of his screwy eye….the match is a train wreck.)

Who knows what the future holds with Bret Hart? I think God would even shrug his shoulders at that one. Now if we can just get Vince to forgive Macho Man for banging Stephanie we’d be set.


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