LucasArts Wants You To Unleash The Force…..Again.

14 Dec

by: Captain Oblivious

You think people die in video games? Silly rabbit. They only stay dead till the sequel. Which considering that The Force Unleashed was the best selling Star Wars game of all time you had to know that The Apprentice would be making a comeback. While TFU was by no means a perfect game it was a fun game that served it’s purpose. Everyone wanted to be the ultimate badass Sith and kill things left and right and you got to do that.

I personally wouldn’t mind having more than two lightsabers at a time in this game. He’s got two hands and plenty of holes I say they let us pull a General Grievous and have like four sabers. Just don’t ask about the minigame about where you have to place themStar Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Trailer


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