The Monday Night Wars Live Again….For A Night

7 Dec

by: Captain Oblivious

As wrestling fans we have to take what we can get. TNA will be airing a 3 hour Impact on Monday January 4 and will be the first time that Hulk Hogan makes his debut in the Impact Zone. I think it is a good idea for TNA. It is just a one shot deal and will give TNA a gauger on where they are in terms on competing with the WWE on equal ground. I’m sure it will be a PPV environment for that Impact. With the debut of Hulk Hogan and I’m sure multiple title matches this is TNA’s best opportunity to show WWE if it is a true threat. With that being said if all the hype comes and goes and TNA puts on a great show and still only draws a 1.0 – 1.5 rating then I think we can safely assume that TNA is going to stay what they are forever. That other wrestling company. Which is a shame….I miss the competition. It makes each brand better and it makes the industry better. If you missed Hulk Hogan’s announcement on Saturday’s Ultimate Fighter finale (which proved that Kimbo can fight!) watch it here.


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