WWE Raw. The Good The Bad And The Ugly 11/24/09

24 Nov


by: Captain Oblivious

Raw went Nitro last night putting on a three hour broadcast. And while Tony Shiavone and Scott Hudson were not in house we were treated to a main event called by an announce team of old. Let’s take a look at a few of the highs and lows of this week’s episode from Hershey!


The Good:

-Jesse Ventura was great. I expected suited up ex-governor Jesse but got Jesse “The Body”. He was entertaining on the mic for the most part and still had a good back and forth with Vince.

-The overall idea of the Breakthrough Tournament. I still firmly believe that the WWE has an insider listening to conversations with my friends and I because after Survivor Series I remember saying that everyone is tired of the same people getting the title and having title matches. Good job here to inject a little something different into the otherwise stale title situation.

-Sheamus becoming the number one contender. I loved this move. And while I do believe Cena will no doubt retain at the TLC PPV I am excited to see a new challenger for the strap. Sheamus’ push has been fast…but it’s been done correctly.

-John Cena vs. CM Punk. While I may not be a Cena fan and did not like the outcome I will say that this match was very good. Punk is quickly becoming the #2 or 3 heel in the company second only to Jericho and Orton. This match didn’t hurt where Punk is at right now even with the loss. I will take a Punk loss to Cena to having him be stuck in a stale feud with R-Truth anyday.

-Shawn Michaels joking about his shoddy eyesight was hilarious. While the promo wasn’t laugh a minute I admit I lost it when he said he was aiming for Cena.

-The overall show. I was worried with the show being three hours that Raw would drag down a bit this week but it was a very entertaining show for the second week in a row.


The Bad:

-The participants in the Breakthrough Battle Royal. I understand trying to gt a good mix of Raw and Smackdown guys in the match but cmon. No ECW either. I would have had it  Kofi, Zach Ryder, Sheamus, Evan Bourne, R-Truth, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase and Randy Orton. I didn’t like Orton in the match originally but feel it was ok to further the Kofi feud especially with Kofi eliminating him. But really it could have had better entrants.

-The Pilgrims vs. The Indians Divas Match. Ahh another holiday another useless gimmick diva match. Don’t believe me? I bet you there is a Santa’s Little Helper match next month for Christmas. Bet me!

-Randy Orton beating Evan Bourne. I know they wanted Randy to be in the match but they could have done it with somebody else. I feel Bourne should have been in the battle royal, not Orton’s 2 minute squash to get there.


The Ugly:

-Jesse Ventura’s attempt at hair again. Man that was bad….real bad. It looks like he’s been following Hulk Hogan around and picking the falling blonde strands and pasting them on his head.

Vickie Guererro. Wow for once Alicia Fox wasn’t the worst looking woman on the show! I guess that’s a win for E.T.



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