ECW Quick Results 11/17/09

18 Nov


by: Captain Oblivious


ECW went back to it’s roots last night. No not like good ECW but back to a few years ago. CM Punk made a trip back to Tuesday nights to team up with William Regal to take on ECW Champion Christian and Smackdown’s R-Truth.

-Vance Archer defeated Jobby McJobberton

-Zach Ryder with his new lady Rosa challenged Shelton Benjamin to a match on next week’s show.

-The Hurricane defeated Paul Burchill in a career vs. Mask match.

I was glad that Hurricane got the best of this feud but now wonder what they will do with Burchill. He apparently has to leave ECW. Moving him back to Raw or Smackdown would be a mistake i think. He has found a good place for himself on Tuesday nights so I’m hoping they write in some sort of loophole to keep him on the show.



-CM Punk and William Regal defeated Christian and R-Truth

With ECW doing so much with younger guys it pains me to see the Christian/Regal feud going on this long. And I feel bad for Punk who really should be “the man” on a show but now since his title loss is stuck in a feud with R-Truth.


Told you….quick results. That didn’t hurt much did it?




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