WWE RAW: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 11/16/09

17 Nov


by: Captain Oblivious


Raw was held last night from “the world’s most famous arena” Madison Square Garden. I put that in quotations because I’m pretty sure there are more famous arenas and because I believe something useful needs to have happened there in the last 10-15 years for MSG to still be considered that. And no Lebron playing there once a year does not count. Anyway let’s get on with it.

The Good:

-I have to start out by saying that the main event last night was the most entertaining that Raw has had all year. All six guys worked hard to get the MSG crowd into a frenzy. All of them got to show why they hold the main event….even Big Show and Cena.

-As great as the main event was. This Raw held one great moment and that was the brawl between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton. It was almost PPV quality. And I personally will not forget the Kofi legdrop onto Orton through the table….ever. This should show the WWE that with the right story and proper buildup that a lot of theses younger guys can bust through. It’s taken WWE just a month to turn Kofi into a main event player. I just hope they don’t drop the ball with it.

-Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne….again? Yes and it was dang entertaining….again. With Miz involved in a storyline with Morrison and Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger we are getting a lot of the same matches over and over but yet they always seem to be fun to watch.

-The Miz vs. MVP. I was kind of surprised with no Mark Henry with MVP or on the show at all but I just remembered that MVP’s girlfriend Sherri Sheppard was there and they didn’t want two 400 lb. black guys in the same shot I’m guessing. Anyway this was a good opening to the show. MVP didn’t lose any momentum by losing this and Miz looks like a stronger champion each time he defends the belt.

-Melina vs. Alicia Fox. I know, I know. Your thinking WTF? Alicia Fox in the good section? Don’t worry she’ll be mentioned later. But this was a fun, short Divas match that served it’s purpose.

-Sheamus attacking The King. I liked this segment. Sheamus is being slowly built into someone that needs to be taken seriously on Raw. And there is no better way to attract instant heat than attacking Jerry Lawler.

-HHH Pedigree to Hornswaggle. It only took three and a half years but finally DX did something that the old DX would do. The fans were half booing and the sick fu**s like me were cheering. HHH face was great giving that crap eating grin right before he did it. And credit to Hornswaggle for taking the move like a champ.

The Bad:

-The Piper McMahon segment. This is a mild bad. It just ran on too long. I think they were asked to carry too much time. Had the segment been about 3 or 4 minutes shorter it would have worked better.

The Ugly:

-Alicia Fox. I told you she would be mentioned. I just can’t see why she is being pushed. Plus her forehead scares me……like some other folks.


As you can tell I really enjoyed last night’s Raw. It was two solid hours that was entertaining. I just wish it was like that more than once every four months. I remember when it was like that week to week. But that’s just a pipe dream now…..but before i go I will leave you with the shot of the night. Hope you enjoy.





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