TNA Results 11/12/09

13 Nov



by: Captain Oblivious


It should be called TNA quick results cause I don’t feel like telling what happened. But here’s the results for those of you clamoring for the TNA action!


-Dr. Stevie defeated Abyss

Foley tried to help Abyss but got an Evenflow from the returning Raven! This is comeback #37 for Scotty Flamingo.


-Alissa Flash defeated Tits McGee

For those of you unaware Tits McGee was off last night and her twin Traci Brooks wrestled.


-Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart defeated Black Machismo

Yes I typed that correctly. They have a whole Black Machismo challenging legends story going on. It’s like Randy Orton circa 2003 except it’s a Macho Man knockoff…..and he loses.


-Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne,  Lacey Von Erich and Awesome Kong defeated Sarita, Taylor Wilde, ODB and Tara.

I guess were lucky there is a Von Erich left to wrestle even if she does suck horribly.


-Amazing Red and MMG defeated Shiek Abdul Bashir, Homicide, Kiyoshi

Wow it kinda surprises me that TNA is doing a better job promoting Survivor Series than the WWE with all the multiple person tag matches.


-Beer Money defeated The British Invasion

Who would have thought two years ago that two awesome ex-tag team wrestlers and horrible single stars would be the best thing going in the tag team division in any company.


-Samoa Joe defeated A.J. Styles

TNA main events are a weird bunch. You may get a 20 minute main event with Matt Morgan one week and a five minute match with these two the next…..oh well enjoy while you can before Hogan comes in and makes Nick TNA Champion and Brooke becomes the ring announcer.




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