Nerd Holiday Special Part 1

13 Nov

by: Captain Oblivious

Chances are if you are reading anything put up on this site you actually are a nerd or closely associated with one. And Christmas is quickly approaching so you may be thinking hmmm what should I get this duke of dork, your personal royal rectum of retard? Well Useless Warrior won’t leave you wondering. here are a few items tha may make your nerdy friend and/or significant other squeal with delight.


Star Trek Expendable T-shirt- $20

Show people that even in your own fantasy world your not really that important. Wanna Die On An Away Mission? Buy This!


Echo Base T-shirt- $20

Wanna appeal to multiple cultures? Want nerds and skateboarding douches alike to welcome you with open arms here’s the shirt for you!
Ewoks Suck Roll With The Empire


Battlestar Galactica Little Frakkers Line- $50

For nerds like me. When anything Battlestar will steal your money. Even a 6 inch figure lines that looks like an anime Battlestar. I need help!

Starbuck meets Naruto


View Askew Figure Sets- $45

Kevin Smith has figures available for almost every movie he has done (except Zack and Miri which I am waiting on the cake frosting scene as an action figure set). You know a nerd anything by Kevin Smith is instant happy.

A Sailboat is a schooner…


Catalina Wine Mixer T-shirt- $20

Celebrate the biggest event of the year for helicopter salesmen. Complete with catered food, opera, and drum solos. Are You Saying POW?

**This is only part one in series of holiday gift ideas for the nerd you know and love. Keep checking back and the Warrior will try to make your Christmas shopping season a little bit easier….because we care. As far as you know.


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